The Answer to How Many Dogs Fit in a Dog Carrier

A new viral video features 5 basset hounds inside one dog carrier.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for The Answer to How Many Dogs Fit in a Dog Carrier
-- we've seen over the years stunts -- like went to college kids pile into Volkswagen math war fall old phone Booth old school -- -- -- people can fit into one of those. Little modern take on this of viral video -- -- there's a bunch of dogs and there -- -- can guess how many year old Latin mass announcement seems to exist made from one missile carrier makers. I got to be giving up three and can -- -- When they're so that he had yet and -- no less -- make that much -- didn't. They just let me tell you -- -- -- five moment that one little personal -- and -- That is great. You know how I love -- country music -- well I've got a new exam that I just loving and and it serves a really good purpose and let's let us. -- and usually wouldn't feel cool down seven classes have been. And 7572. Boom boom in the name is -- -- are -- states. -- Evan glass in the. So instead of calling nine final landing in Janesville Wisconsin -- -- These illnesses and non emergency number to call it did they get so many of their -- calls and people saying. I know I'm calling 911 this isn't really an emergency but I don't know really none emergency numbers that they are -- and you're really into people's heads with the amendment calls. God sentinel fort with a neighbor saying that seventy. I'm glad they didn't forget it isn't good -- yeah. Like the great thing prohibits there was minimal days like this woman name's Sarah she's a Finnish teen -- two weeks ago she was an unknown. She posted a video that went viral about -- doing how languages sound people who don't speak that language made it got seven million -- -- -- got a new one out this week it's already cruising for a million views. And this is -- -- fourteen different genres of music you know rock jazz today -- and she just doesn't a field. Yeah. And -- Yeah yeah. Me and -- She sounds great. And -- when I'm pending an Italian news in the -- from -- thing. It's pretty and she's talented and she's now it's kind of an Internet star in two weeks ago and -- -- to. That is. If this doesn't cheer you up I don't know bluntly -- the -- I'm happy about breaking news viral videos where this video was done -- Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Hollywood Florida. All of these patients and -- just showing that. Despite what they're going through it can be happy they need this four childlike -- -- -- to educate the community about the child's health care profession and -- Let -- take it away. -- --

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{"id":22871837,"title":"The Answer to How Many Dogs Fit in a Dog Carrier","duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video features 5 basset hounds inside one dog carrier.","url":"/WNN/video/answer-dogs-fit-dog-carrier-22871837","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}