'The Bachelorette': Becca narrows down the field

Our 'Bachelorette' analyst is back to highlight all the trouble in the Bahamas as Becca says goodbye to two more men.
4:04 | 07/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Bachelorette': Becca narrows down the field
It is it is a skinny so of course that means we start with the most emotional episode of the bachelorette so far this season here with all of that gut wrenching. The emotional roller coaster. Last night on the bachelorette six guys stored the whole thing let's hit the rich. Roll at beautiful bachelorette footage. It was everybody's first time in the Bahamas call. On the catamaran. I really want talker you know I'm version. There's always one of the world's music but you experiencing it from stating. Get a special visitor you know doing what do we eat some Coke. I'm confident it. Code to the bill would appease them and not season. I. Time to catch and Kong. Plenty of word play going on that and for Cox isn't much harder than it ever heard us. Really outlet or that drunk and it. He's definitely client later at dinner. My stolen I am a virgin pick is got to think about that one that worked out well for Colton. He gets the rose. Extricate would Garrett received brilliant light above the Bahamas. And for some deep thoughts. Felt so carefree with. Was some heavy Condo at the table. All. I amendment that I. Garrett gets the rose and it's time to strip off and dash into the water. High time for the analysts picked Blake's skate was Beckham assault couldn't have gone any better late drops the bomb Mecca. I am. The analyst nick looking strong. Time for the dreaded. Agree on one gate and will Leo and Jason. Spektr's got to get rid of somebody first. For science. Leo's dream comes to an end. He's left stranded on the beach the stakes were high for Jason and wills a dinner time for the final decision. And in this. Jason gets the rose wheels gets emotional. Kids count kids count stops that they've seen. Did this is extraordinarily unprecedented. Stop right there on the bachelorette lebed's there right now history making kids count words that are written in ladies and gentlemen let me tell you why there was some that was just a little touch of a right there. Doreen the Blake. And decade data that role of the Oakes visited the the Baha Men remember them I'll let the dogs out. That little beach party going on there and that's Obama thing god did then there's dancing what is going on here. I mean you couldn't help but think of Elaine Bennis on that on that. Bizarre old world those signs filled episode all those years ago that's version of that straight games sell it now. Tradition it's in my building it you'd be lucky nobody hurt themselves on that one I'm very glad to know that Beckett finally got some good cop there in a absolutely I learned what all if you're if you're down there yeah. I'm Oregon. It's get a what do you camera cut back World Cup yes. Michael. I don't English reverses opponent TVV the French of course. And opponents of you being here. Model for next week hometowns couldn Blake Garrett and Jason. It's coming home. Analysts out to these things are first World Cup back. I'm OK everybody brought out our and our thanks Jack we'll see among the other ends he also how is World Cup Bob predictions are.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Our 'Bachelorette' analyst is back to highlight all the trouble in the Bahamas as Becca says goodbye to two more men.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"56484250","title":"'The Bachelorette': Becca narrows down the field","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-becca-narrows-field-56484250"}