'The Bachelorette' Goes on a Group Date in France

Andi and her suitors learn how to mime.
4:12 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' Goes on a Group Date in France
Welcome back time for this -- -- something new for both of us here. That's a first Sunday in an update on eighties teen the bachelorette and as usual here is our senior -- analysts mr. Jackson and world. Eric -- -- don't know where that team USA victories you are if you thought that was exciting. That's only -- the magic started last night up. First of what we haven't -- this little while there -- just to remind everybody there were eleven guys that started last night's show was was. In more say France wow the bachelorette when international and Boortz today. Quite -- different city -- it was when I was their for the 98 World Cup but nonetheless. The first day it was with a guy named Josh am there were on a boat there is -- -- -- -- -- was really doing well the day he walked around a couple of clips. -- They had a good time -- Ito let's put that would ultimately. Josh gets the rose he's going to be he's she's sticking around. Next up was that -- -- Where. Can't be and the lads did -- might mean some of them let's just say did better than others as -- work. Excuse me there was some -- being amongst the border -- might even Colin -- growth. Like there wasn't more say in 98 but nonetheless. Jay -- He's -- -- -- -- There he is on the Ferris wheel JJ got the the group -- rose -- stick around for awhile as well the second date. The second one on one data should say was what will declare cooking with Brian. There was a problem on this state because Bryant doesn't cook well follow. There's problems we got to go out for dinner. Art they have a couple of Beers. All right Brian gets the rose really. Real well the Israelis he is still in there so prevalent and I'm we'll see. It might be short for the whole thing -- put it that way. -- -- -- -- Role there it is -- making up for lost time. Kids count stops that. Six loans that -- doubted that no I think. Are high but nonetheless a dandy is making up for lost time when it comes to the discount there wasn't for the bookkeeping purposes there was no cocktail party last night. Three guys got ousted Patrick mark Kelly and Andrew. And should also be noted that the analysts pick I know you guys were around for the analysts picked. But markets. Also received the rooms there are a gentleman left. There are headed to Venice next week and the analyst is out -- -- all right yeah. I'm -- thank you so much or in house expert for that one. I would love to get his Sunni Shiite take -- that a bush and there's not much time for that but moving on there's actually some good news that we -- tell everybody about. Comedian Tracy Morgan -- had that terrible about car accident is doing much better representative says. Morgan's condition has been upgraded to fair and his personality is starting to come back the actor comedian has critically -- was critically hurt in an accident on the Jersey turnpike. It killed his writing partner the driver who hit Morgan's -- Has been charged with manslaughter all right Dancing With The Stars pro Mark Ballas will not be jitter -- anytime soon. The bottom favorite was about to make a right turn in Los Angeles when a speeding parcel and and and he was treated for whiplash and black plane that -- Then released from the hospital and it's been a bumpy ride for -- they -- calling suffered a dislocated shoulder the day before the season finale last month. But he's pretty tough new master perform anyway -- -- a third place finish -- celebrity partner. Candace Cameron beret. -- can't wait to see how that goes out which is from mark -- we are watching world news now more coming up.

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{"id":24169625,"title":"'The Bachelorette' Goes on a Group Date in France","duration":"4:12","description":"Andi and her suitors learn how to mime.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-group-date-france-24169625","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}