'The Bachelorette' Season 20 Finale

Jojo Fletcher accepts the proposal of her chosen love interest after sending another home.
5:34 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for 'The Bachelorette' Season 20 Finale
Any time and we start with the last night dramatic and emotional conclusion of ABC's. The bachelor ex judge Joseph had a decision to make it would her man being Robbie eat or would it be Georgette let's get some answers with the help of our senior bachelorette analyst. Jack Sheehan. We made this that's about all. Lindsey nick. A long national nightmare is over and actually clan is not win this day November the ninth the day after Election Day. We have wrapped up another season of the bachelorette. Let's roll that beautiful bachelorette footage with the so we're in Thailand. This is Jordan's family. Georgians meeting Joseph Joe's family there was no chugging of champagne. Or anything like that like we've seen would Joseph Joe's family previous seasons all went well. Jordan for god of small little point of order. An important one you might say it's a he forgot to ask Joseph Joe's dad for permission. For Joseph Joe's hand. I mean you me the same day that he not right now. Well set for and I think it's your tired your warm day she made it pretty fair that's expected to an he had said that he let it. And worse as they say look okay more than off bottled it Robbie pain are your problem. Robbie meets would Joseph Joe's family the Brothers are unfortunately behaving themselves. As they had not in previous seasons yeah nonetheless. Robbie says all the right things he's hitting all the right notes he's talked in a mom and he's talking to dead your robberies and even asks permission. To propose. To Jo-Jo. Years and he's he gets permission. They are stick out Robbie Robbie is of parents to rain absolutely you were taken at this point Robbie is looked in any okay. Folks and well. Then Robbie arrives at the beach. Things were not look didn't say okay at the beach. She let him talk for like a wild yeah let them tell that's the best finish what you tell how much I love that you like any another I've been hired all of them to tell them. How much they loved our abatement he doesn't pay it back you know bad well. She's slam the brakes on this whole thing obviously rob it was emotional there was confusion. I mean at this point I was feeling bad for the guy. He was shocked he told but he said it's not your fault he said he said just don't saddle. So now so why did she pick. What's it what's your fairy Jack well and I left the might want to must my theory is. Right my theory basically come first for Jordan is that it comes came straight at a Joseph Joe's mouth. She said I'm crazy in love would Jordan. But is the first time she said now Candice face that she looked at that's true. So what happened off camera I think there were words had heading I was really impressed by the rain the garden shows. Locks classy than the ring that rob Katz theater one that Robbie has about a little Garret and it my theory is not bothering my theory and you when it went just right bring and it's going to be around. My theory is that Jordan is excited he does know where it's gonna live I think once sportscaster. Something's wrong he's exciting also offers best celebrity fan and they've been excellent. Romney was asked what he spots but what you know what life would be like right he he described as comfy sofa and meet lung and how might all of our other it wants let's go I'll be out that it. Not ordering pizza with all that well. On after the final rose anybody who's survived. Today after the final rose heard that Joseph Joseph and Jordan are moving to Dallas together. They also expect to be married next year. And unfortunately. There's great disappointment on the Internet for this there was no announcement about who the next bachelor is. As again we lose again you Ronnie is indeed check off line. It will mean what triggered that ultimately was that he didn't care I do care thank you Jack at this point analysts out that the (%expletive) sucked. That's the next thing you think this game they show on the bachelorette and the bachelor is pushing the limits just wait until you see what they're doing. Ross that nick spent the last two weeks watching this program. Britain's channel four has premiered a new dating show that lets potential mates see each other naked bolts of the vaccine Harrisburg Macon to vs well yeah I. From the waist down before Portman meet in Perth and or even see their faces. You know many viewers say they were shot to the news see they were describing it as for a cure that's even by British stand there and yes to many of the shows aren't just prince thinks. Did admit to watching the entire. Our. Including made. School what do you have to say prayers I think it's great I mean its its warts and all these aren't models these are regular people there's a guy with a percent taking them is a guy with a tattoo of an elephant horrendous bits and pieces this is. This is this is they don't models aren't aren't gonna say I love the feds say get to see the business before you get to see their face yeah I think you can be rejected. From the show purely on the appearance of what's them taken super. Shall to a whole new level yes. Yes right coming up for many women that they are far from perfect for walking online yeah. But they look Olson the search for ten aerials that went Julia street. There watching. World news now.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Jojo Fletcher accepts the proposal of her chosen love interest after sending another home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41062134","title":"'The Bachelorette' Season 20 Finale","url":"/WNN/video/bachelorette-season-20-finale-41062134"}