Boozy Comet Lovejoy

Scientists have discovered that the comet Lovejoy was releasing alcohol at the rate of 500 bottles of wine per second at its peak.
2:52 | 10/27/15

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Transcript for Boozy Comet Lovejoy
Well time for the mix we're learning more and more about outer space it's we are and we're learning something interesting that there's alcohol and sugar. I need to be an astronaut anatomy comet Lovejoy take a look at this pretty remarkable you see right there apparently they've discovered for the first time that apple alcohol. Actually comes from this type of comment it's the same kind about how you find. In alcoholic beverages should observed in this very comment. And they find that evidence of the comet has come from you know the source of very complex organic molecules that are needed for it like. Beatles so all of that that we see trailing there some of that. Has alcohol so they found at this comet Lovejoy releases as much alcohol and at least 500 bottles of wine every second. During its peak somebody's barrel that comment about the bigger Robert Mondavi is looking into that right. We can't bottle that. Larry this is my favorite video of the day so Costello is best known for its oversize sit on toilet take her out and. Love it before it's exactly as families but how about this. Take this my buddy my this is an oversized stuffed bear that's nearly a lot. Yeah yeah. That they're settling. It's 93 inches in size as Wilde told excess of 300 dollars. It weighs almost fifty pounds so. It could hurt a young child. It has its own Twitter FaceBook pages but right now. It is out of suffered does come out officially out November the mother within the is thinking how do you clean the state went to attracted all over the world and you can't stick it in your Washington so it's hard enough to clean that tiny little Teddy bears and your kids have. Just imagine this guy but look how fun that is death knell for the dry cleaner wouldn't take this might be here reminds me back my buddy and me. Me me. Me. And move swiftly along turn it story can I would introduce you to a wave to clean up the leaves in your yard. There's this way which most of us know for ten dollars you can buy little broom sweep it up by a broom when you could have your own drone. Doing all now in a matter of seconds yes so excesses to woo the DJ phantom three quads copter. It up puts it back 12100 dollars but look at how fast. The leaves disappeared and that helped powerful. If only they had a drone that does laundry as well. Can't benefit fact that there is brilliant OK so we've had pizza wrapped we have had milk shakes squirrels and now may introduce you to. Kitchen big. Had a bagel resident at the debate go around its neck just captured in new York. And the united answers a question where you weren't. An update on its it's received already some 200000 units apple cream cheese with everything on it.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Scientists have discovered that the comet Lovejoy was releasing alcohol at the rate of 500 bottles of wine per second at its peak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34757169","title":"Boozy Comet Lovejoy","url":"/WNN/video/boozy-comet-lovejoy-34757169"}