How To Build Luxury Chocolate Treats

It's National Chocolate Day and ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown learns how to make some rich chocolate.
3:29 | 10/28/15

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Transcript for How To Build Luxury Chocolate Treats
You know have you checked the calendar. Today is the food holiday of the year to and all modalities frankly national chocolate day that it. Do and what better way to celebrate and a hand made luxury chocolate bar from that. Kitchen have New York's Plaza Hotel ABC's Hannity Sean brown is in arms site yet. Everyone's favorite holiday national talk daddy. Beautiful home port hot -- with out. That's me. Such a special place for me and coming here. When my mom every year player any snap. Sophisticated. Park makes it he peanut butter. Grossing then helps. Q. Get a better flavor they summoned for this enough right now. Case of the peanuts anymore. Packed trains at the cafe brain perverse system. You gotta break up that you know experts and we're trying to achieve is like from my picture up from Mike Alamo like sisters we're gonna holds machine on and off. That is in the home and they'll start clump up even more and what will happen is that awful man. I think peanut butter and add sweeter that would and that money. And that of this evening's that's solved already there he can about it. Would have been more. So you can see it's already starting. Q how have food processor is not terribly complicated me here on me. Better school. Now we have chocolate. Sure they don't that we already baked talk is one of them a couple lines. Now we just in the places view that the penis you know gonna go on to. If Paramount which have been actually that are up on top. I'm not a sugary goodness Floyd are now is let me the sugar beat Milosevic in actually did it sucks so quiet. That he's a heavy cream. I was in a fourth straight over the troubled. Stir that up for me. Placed back over the top Paramount which. Police. Right right right. Talk decoration on May. Mary Grady. We're gonna go upstairs falcons need beautiful pop art and he's there. Loud. In eyeball we'll check thank you so much for being with us and Chinese academy made me there. It looks collectively got to try it in the service as she said the palm court or at the Plaza Hotel. In the evenings for sixteen dollars and sixteen votes or snicker bar. At the plaza I guess it's what you would expect. And it is very good and and what a great holiday national chocolate Denton was socially acceptable Adler out of myself and tough. But it's just. Somehow like it to you actually doing but do apparent they don't have that service at the Plaza Hotel check that might enjoy your. Upscale peanut butter. Snickers bar fantastic really.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"It's National Chocolate Day and ABC's Genevieve Shaw Brown learns how to make some rich chocolate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34786767","title":"How To Build Luxury Chocolate Treats","url":"/WNN/video/build-luxury-chocolate-treats-34786767"}