Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: A Team Effort

Taking you behind the scenes to see what really goes into producing one-and-a-half hours of television news.
4:33 | 01/05/17

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Transcript for Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: A Team Effort
Just tells you Endesa. A little tired but. You were good today. We're. Accidental English. For my home keys and hits it straight. They make could do little to coffee and I'm suggest. Start looking at the rundown first stop but most important and me. Fans busy and make up I get to throughout. I'm Doug experience. Are okay. This. The flooding on the anniversary of world news now coming. Care makeup is now done at that looked funny and our editorial meeting is that false teeth and of course you also have to do. Get my handy dandy outfit for the night ready since its tonight Kenneth snow clearing. Our Christmas tunes some just down the floor from grant is to spend Galley who alleges. And then there's Brian there. I think it's good music is he so clutter that's a girl like. Ninety minutes of the show they're checking ousted appear that the got public shoulder coming up later this morning on world news now. The Santa robbing a bank the stuff that's happening all over the country all over the world. We're gathering. Yes the global resource the entire team gathering. Right Jim. All right if it didn't. There's been if you worked at the community meeting mean. The writers. He has. Bertha citizen happen. Without them in the corner is Craig who is. Always hold a knowledge fungal that they've got to have also. Abnormally cold and bundled up and Deb just enjoys ignoring history though as we tried desperately to get her to talk to us carry there in the corn. Jack has that you all know very well just mention class senior that's an analyst. Passed since his there and we've got mr. Lloyd here in the corner and then Gregg. Our senior producer did. You make this all somehow come together that is now we still have no idea but I expect. I'm mark Scheffler manager is sort of telling us. Where we're supposed to look went refers to be quiet and we listen to him that half the time sent it to good that's good effort. I renowned I go back and make it. So yeah these are the mad geniuses behind all those cool graphics over here is that we. Who loses face was. It's easiest and best subjects in its fuel although logos all I got over the you'll need. Minus all hinges on look at that our economy and Jerry we get an answer. Exactly. You see all. And there are so this is where we thank all of our material comes and it gets. Edited it gets dished out to the different shows so it's just gonna via. Hayes it of activity right now. Chris isn't DMC manager time restraints. Everybody answers to you that's true Katie get fired for. Blowing what is it deems it's like being. It's where there's just just before comes out. Do. For cook. There's arc for a lot of monitors. Morals and he's now win the director of Chevron's huge night for decades knee. For the working. I get free. I. A.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Taking you behind the scenes to see what really goes into producing one-and-a-half hours of television news.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44567972","title":"Celebrating 25 Years of World News Now: A Team Effort","url":"/WNN/video/celebrating-25-years-world-news-now-team-effort-44567972"}