Check Out The World's Largest Yo-Yo

Dangling from the end of a crane, the yo-yo is six feet in diameter.
2:56 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Check Out The World's Largest Yo-Yo
Welcome back to the next did you. -- Helio has been your -- know and love yeah I love the wind up like light up they were fun Duncan Yo-Yo is always a fan -- now. One group has created the world's largest. Yo-Yo this thing is six feet in diameter there it is the top of the crane there. We -- -- this is this done organized by Benjamin Moore paint -- Building that I wouldn't demonstrating -- -- then -- panels and sustain your post world. And look at that thing going out actually rolls back it's straight on the -- there just like video although I must say we have a church. -- qualifies you don't know about the fingers. He had been keen on the Ukraine count. That cats -- -- -- -- would have to say how. The world record and don't -- her friend who will. Yeah that's incredible well you know to go carts I loved go carts confront and there's actually kid whose dad owns -- golf -- it can polish off. And take a look at how how many outs kind -- -- harking back go -- That's an incredibly -- This is actually at reading username snack crackers posted the video -- as a kid actually had won lots of junior -- -- championship. All of this taking place in Denmark. Members of pretty incredible it like -- -- the as you. Not easy is it. You know from driving one of those things that connect -- definition it hit the wall at the end unbelievable. Out to my favorite story perhaps in the morning here in the next OK if you're planning a wedding like McDonald's you might think about going to Hong Kong. Fast food chain there has started to -- to -- now. I did just. A few years ago another expanding its fifteen stores I might get your friends about to have your wedding at McDonald's in Hong Kong the package to start a little over 300 dollars up to 12100 dollars. Get this they come with you see -- -- the apple pie. -- -- apple -- capable of and that's reason to have your wedding at McDonald's. Apparently it's only in Hong Kong -- McDonald's in the states yet I don't know did you have a wedding in a McDonald's if they had to mix of cookies and cream -- -- ruthless. When that they they -- I would do would facilitate that. Head to -- -- you've got to see this incredible impersonator who looks just like Peter Griffin remember him he's the dad. From the Family Guy he looks like -- and sound like him. Take us. -- -- want to. One bush. A this is part of the 2014 Allentown comic cotton that -- you see there is Robert frenzy. And -- pretty look at apparently plays a real life Peter quick connect convention center. 2012. Dead ringer what do you think unbelievable appearance -- and the voice and sounds just like -- -- on. Curiosity that's incredible we'll stick with us we'll be right back.

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{"id":24578626,"title":"Check Out The World's Largest Yo-Yo","duration":"2:56","description":"Dangling from the end of a crane, the yo-yo is six feet in diameter.","url":"/WNN/video/check-worlds-largest-yo-yo-24578626","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}