New Christian Grey Has Been Cast

Jamie Dornan has been tapped to play main character in "Fifty Shades of Grey."
3:00 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for New Christian Grey Has Been Cast
-- about a time for the -- this a good one of the biggest questions in Hollywood who was gonna play the leading overall all right in the fifty shades of gray movie. You have someone -- -- leading role for them for the male -- and he jumped down and now they have -- -- else new comes did you know this guy Jamie Dornan in his name. He has been tapped to replace Charlie -- as Christian -- in the big movie which is coming -- August of next year if you don't know this guy. He used to play sheriff Graham Humber in the ABC series called once upon a time -- players. Serial killer in a BBC story -- -- -- be happy to note he's also modeled for Calvin Klein Christian Dior and -- money so clearly he probably will not have a problem with. While -- sex -- this movie will require. That that -- your your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On their minds so I like to have the facial hair thing going to have seen a couple of pitches I did my research for this story. I have to say some of the things that he has he has modeled our. Very. Exquisite and. Our senior producer also did extensive researching it. And there's a need yes you never know he would do is almost all night he showed us because -- -- -- although spigot of movies they're there. Also still has been cast to play Elton John in the big Elton John biopic Tom hardy has grabbed the lead role you may recognize this guy 36 years old. Need a bigger role in the Dark Knight rises and also lawless so he will be playing he won only Elton John -- -- biopic coming out. Soon in -- -- use a big casting decisions be admitted Hollywood grass Dallas maybe it's me because -- don't know either one of them that they look -- Television they look like -- -- you know. But he could expect at -- Elton John L sex trade are very similar -- he's got good news. I'll sad news coming out of Hollywood an -- -- are getting a divorce Clint Eastwood and his life. -- Calling it quits after seventeen years irreconcilable differences she is 48 year old journalist a reality TV star do you want someone older is that. Absolutely. I think there it was not cut it for -- is available until she's asking for full physical custody of their sixteen year old honor. So we we know that this is coming because they announced their separation. Last month so we knew that divorce was up to -- in pending and now here has we have. Their decision to split the -- like. Police -- has plenty of practice talking empty chairs and feel good in the divorce justified. Also -- to -- Pauly. This drug goes by the name Amanda marker -- had a fling in Vegas valley last year -- my little things she's a former. Her as a -- Little babies actually adorable unlike what some people would think -- is now wrapped up -- -- and a big legal dispute and he wants to help raise the kid wants custody and she wants money. Me will stay --

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{"id":20666284,"title":"New Christian Grey Has Been Cast","duration":"3:00","description":"Jamie Dornan has been tapped to play main character in \"Fifty Shades of Grey.\"","url":"/WNN/video/christian-grey-cast-20666284","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}