Coin-Operated Toilet Prevents Free Flushing

A stingy landlord in Melbourne has installed a coin-operated flush on one tenant's toilet.
2:54 | 01/02/17

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Transcript for Coin-Operated Toilet Prevents Free Flushing
Time now for the makes and we begin with this guy who's being dubbed the world's stingy as landlords who. Tenant posted this picture on red at of the toilet in his apartment. And he's simple landlord install but can work you have to pay a dollar are. Every time he wants to flush while every time he wants to fly and then the landlord according to this guy and read it is says that he was doing it the government save. Money on water and I gotta admit he had a home. So it's just seems really discuss all the guys and I'm never gonna plus it's what I have a did you get simplest is diet. Does I donated. Going to be broke man. Of gay let's talk about this. This is a cap currency now the lenders listeners have told her seat don't steal food. But this cat very tricky he's been sneak a cat didn't want to end shop know so they put some seven rolls up and love. So there's hot off arsenal taking it she caught in the act and well there's another accident south Percy getting caught that the picture right there. I cannot go to meet little lenient but up her seat half half half half. The Hershey apparently can open Tupperware containers steal out of backpacks. I mean they saw this cat near bank yesterday rested. But did I don't know that had actually eating this week to meet cats eat that comes you know creative look at that and that's a guilty looking for your life why I have the world's. You know bouncing. Now we got to you know what are the cat tries to break into than new tell because this next story. I love new talented enough for all and I got to any it's so good is what hello. She's doing a demonstration of how to make. Thanks to mask and the main ingredient is new talent I guess that's the hope. Treat dark spot wait you can put on your face when he didn't do well if some kind of a mixture but I don't eat afterwards oh no no that you don't know your face and that he'd events. Chris it's great you know. Her face a straight afterwards but I don't really know that because the new talent pool just eat it up and up can be. I can't face masks and if the new talent don't try to combine that thing inside. Okay. Okay now blasting here is. If you go to sports games you know about kiss cam we understand that I have spoken to take a look at the physics as camp the world hockey junior champ junior hockey championships. Look kids kids on arms. Womanizer is basically takes look at it clear that it did not gonna kiss we've in this okay well let me down down head. Without a fair. Takes into soundings about right because now I love affair with a handful why is she hiding her face. It's just not growing. Move. The beer are really his lover. She's got on the Finland Ireland. A good chip and.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A stingy landlord in Melbourne has installed a coin-operated flush on one tenant's toilet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44508775","title":"Coin-Operated Toilet Prevents Free Flushing","url":"/WNN/video/coin-operated-toilet-prevents-free-flushing-44508775"}