Computer Add-Ons

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off the latest gadgets to get you going this holiday season.
4:40 | 11/24/14

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Transcript for Computer Add-Ons
All right there you got his of a new computer new laptop or tablet that you have a new Smartphone will the next thing you have to do is to get some gear for that stuff. Even if you're old electronics you know yet to model it's on them. We've got some stuff debt add on to make it all feel brand new. Who else could help us with this besides Dick DeBartolo the Cannes whiz from Twitter dot TV he's here good morning these are always good to have you. And you always good guy good stuff all well TJ I did. Some fun stuff this is from Logitech keys to go ahead so we have a Smartphone or tablet and you don't want a type on I think you'll scream and this is a super thin. Waterproof dust proof our keyboard with mechanical keys so they can actually feel the keys as you hit them. Makes typing very easy and on one charge. Want to take says he'll run the entire month and. You let me try to that it does it feel is due to do a good if you got thirty dollars a got a set of back seventy bucks but you can shop through a discount all right we have it is school this is good done for the. It's called the Specter of malice from so touchy. And it dials do different colors it's hard to seeing a slight but the whole mouse is translucent and the color bleeds through. And then when you find a Collie like you can if you don't wanna flashing like that. You can just push a little switch in the down position. And then it stays one color perfect stocking them if you read our 25 bucks. Okay audiences from Kingston a mobile light G true. It probably gadget. So this has more than 4600 million answers how you can charge your 600 what what is that oh on now we could give people know you can you can recharge your Smartphone within public's need gays. You can and end SD card to a war a USB flash drive. And then when you turn on your phone you'll look for this in the list of why fly devices you can send photos. You can send movies to it. Kids anywhere in a hundred feet can watch movies from an. While talking okay that it really know how much is honest about fifty biology says lighting memory it seem like you have more explicit example when there aren't living OK my this is very clever. So you know. Phones and tablets have great cameras and amusement today but the audio always still not super so now you can endure all Mike here. This is the I who were in. And so we just plugged into the headphone Jack on viewers Smartphone. Mainly IOS devices so that goes in there now you have a working Mike. But since you've been using the headphone Jack all ready. You plug heads the European blood contend that now you can monitors sound that you're putting onto your Smartphone or you're tapping mellow kind of prisoners know what kind of person is going to be good for you know it's ideal for kids who are at school and wanted to do interviews instead of that thinking Mike in this thing as you need a more professional models in Macon and HD Amato Andre capability. This is amazing hook. This call I able laser on depicted two things up here white blaze they're plugged into the headphone Jack again on your camera. If you shooting at a dock area when the flash goes off this will go off with it when legislators. So this will give you are very. Bright flash but if you shooting video in a darkened area. You can see you can use of the video look at how the tying this impasse and works on its own battery comes in its own little this user. So this is in really knew how much on the 55 bucks and heading in and out final got into drag it over here OK because this is called next. Everybody hates your head there earbuds because you put him in your pocket and begin ultimately rejected so you stick them in anywhere in this container. Okay feed the wire anywhere through can see this is good there we're gonna wrap this around here rap rap rap bomb bomb bomb. Stick. Then pop this up. Home on ads came pumps all that. Is this clever that I'm doing a good job because I'm trying to hold that due to the campus we give you what you get the idea so no this goes in your pocket or backpack. Nothing tang and his pop the note is talking Cambrex. Send out ten boxes Manassas is one of why didn't I think of that thing you have I thought you thought of it. Skipped. OK it was a big big but though this is what we have improvements felt like his battle over make you can head over. Dude did win that bids. And take it all only because the Yuma Phoenix month with a holiday stuff you will see is of course they would let there you're watching world news yeah. News.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo shows off the latest gadgets to get you going this holiday season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27129061","title":"Computer Add-Ons","url":"/WNN/video/computer-add-ons-27129061"}