'Dancing With the Stars' finale recap

Check out all the highlights and see who took home the Mirror Ball Trophy!
2:26 | 11/22/17

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' finale recap
I know one rolls of survival and seeing that one it's sort of like what Dancing With The Stars is right. Is survival of the fittest in this sort of rule on the revivals floor Tom will now have a new champ. There on the way to new Yorker right now we did know and ABC's John nandan bachus was there to see the battle for survival on the dance floor she at the latest from ballroom an LA for a study good morning. Diane again this it was down to the wire until the very end but after ten weeks of dancing only once he would be an could be named. And that was Jordan and Lindsay. This season's when he finds finale kicked off with a Christmas spectacular reunion with all thirteen of this season stars. And then the final competition started with Lindsey and mark doing their favorite dance from the sees it. A little free. Evening fog Snow White guy. Lee India perfect score. Preview Whitney wowed the judges with their Argentine tango from Disney night that. A fact that they Argentine tank also leaving it drifting thirty. Jordan and Lindsay turned up the competition with the red hot samba you to somehow take ownership of every bit of movement that you create tying the score board with another round detained. And 03 couples had one last chance to win the mirror ball. Performing its winning for hours fusion channel a that India and the judges in fans voted and there was one she has who. The winners. At new champions of Dancing With The Stars are Jarden. There'll be no sleep with the seasons when he IG it begins right now they're on a plane heading to New York first special appearance on Good Morning America Diane again then. And they did not get a breakthrough in a while out on that then that involve Jordan tweeting overnight all my god. I happen to announce its then I'm GMA later this morning that it was.

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{"id":51323034,"title":"'Dancing With the Stars' finale recap","duration":"2:26","description":"Check out all the highlights and see who took home the Mirror Ball Trophy!","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-finale-recap-51323034","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}