'Dancing with the Stars' Week 11 Recap

Star contestants face-off in a special Halloween edition of DWTS!
4:48 | 11/01/16

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Transcript for 'Dancing with the Stars' Week 11 Recap
Time now for the skinny starting with last night special Halloween edition of Dancing With The Stars there's actually a lot of fun Manila the the best dance of the night turned out to be. James in tennis Viennese Waltz burning them a perfect score thirty out of thirty. Runner up for Lori and vowed he also doing it be in his last by the way. Great in what critics say may have been their strong is your teen. Season. Another perfect partner in out of there a lot of them are actually jelling at the right time yeah I mean you look for growth throughout the course of action and especially their hair couple that they pizza soon against Dante di that you're just wondering how many gonna grow from here but they keep getting better about it. The James being the race car driver who knows how to come back from behind me. Take over eastern gray javits those football player former football player and then there's Mary Lou hammer. And Derek there Argentine tango. According to judge Perry and riddled with missteps. Tiny missteps. But many of those missteps that are consistent there. Scoring that in just 23 out of thirty. And more. And it's tough and she's heels went in the competition usually by this point. Remember the Geraldo Rivera's of them today there are usually done. Are you trying to yet and they did it at that there's right and Cheryl this time though with -- one of his better dances but compared to the competition. There's still just wave beloved car and unfortunately in this performance was not enough to give Brian in the competition they got a limited left. I learned a lot Obama's old that a kid no matter how hard I did not done a everyone here has touched me. And special places is always true. I got. Ironically right and Cheryl. After winning last night stands Newton but evident to show their stuff live in Times Square later on Jim and then. Tom Bergeron took the fight with them as well so you'll be on him as well. Next for another Halloween treat President Obama visited TVS's full frontal with Samantha bee for some spooky political story. He got into character as a millennial voter using her XE boys for teen boys that is as. Paycheck to connect with her as part of his message to get young people at the polls but it's she couldn't resist making a few jabs. If her. Do you eat fast have you found it just whispering internal troops here you are I ask her just like. Think it's pretty soon. How he's organizing my post presidency where I'm not close enough to hear. Towards her. So it has got to have a vocation president said that he would hope young people. We'll take at least as much time as as it takes to look at cat videos online. Ensure that democracy is working. Next season that's dialed back her career to focus on raising her son but it Dell is making somewhat of a stunning admission this morning about motherhood. Yes she's opening up to Vanity Fair a for the cover of the December issue. The ten time Grammy winner admitted that soon after the birth of her son Angelo. Four years ago she battled a crippling bout of postpartum depression. When asked if she plans to have another baby she said quote I'm too scared. Adele and on to say that taking regular time Medicare schedule for herself. Is what helped her get through the challenges of being a new mom and finally we can't let Halloween 2016. Slip away without. A quick celebrity costume roundup started at our good friend an ABC colleague Kelly rip bats dating a blowout live Halloween extravaganza. She and guest co host Jerry O'Connell that a mash up. Beyoncé is law that music video. Even with a baseball bat or cabinet Goodell so did the Walking Dead. Time heard. I'm that's beyond saying it. Threw back to the eighties with three generations Evan Mills would end her daughter blew up. And her mother Hannah it's perfect homage to salt and pep band did you spend there are left. Meanwhile got old Hollywood glam Neil Patrick Harris and family dressed as Charlie Chaplin with my dad and David Burke and Groucho Marx. And that your kids as Madden and challenging thing in the theater and also threw him back old school. This is Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. It targets. That's where there haven't heard I was very delightful was of us and finally Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel and their eighteen month old son. That's very had characters from Timberlake upcoming trolls movie wedding Holloway a promotion and synergy hearing there that there.

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{"id":43210478,"title":"'Dancing with the Stars' Week 11 Recap","duration":"4:48","description":"Star contestants face-off in a special Halloween edition of DWTS! ","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-week-11-recap-43210478","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}