'Dancing With the Stars' Week 2 Recap

Tamar Braxton took the top spot of the night, while Victor Espinosa went home.
3:51 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Week 2 Recap
My guess that if you any time and first up a quick recap of Dancing With The Stars week two. Now at an end Tamar Braxton and vowed taking over the top spot with us last pace Charleston their dancing was quick race. But there are have a steady a bit. Nick Carter and Sharma in second place after a sensuous fox fraud. The judges saying they are glad to see nick is back on track at the end of the night two couples were in jeopardy. Gary Busey and and up by the state for at least one more dance but Victor and Katrina saying. The job. Would you pick them. Olympic Espinosa. Many sat on the yes yes he is great sorcerer's we need when he cashed the what a life for today Debra all right next up Sean Penn. He's very angry he's filed a ten million dollar defamation lawsuit against Lee Daniels the creator of the TV hit empire. Penn claimed the Daniels falsely accused him of hitting women my comparing him to. Empire star Terrence Howard Howard has admitted to hitting his first wife. And is alleged to have abused other acts wives as well that's got him a lot of bad press lately Daniels told the Hollywood reporter. Howard is the victim of a double standard saying. Terry is being done nothing different than Marlon Brando or Sean Penn and all of a sudden he's some demon that's a sign of the time. Of race of where we are right now in America the pad is outraged although there are reports of abuse during his marriage to Madonna in the eighties. No charges were at her find. A new trailer this morning for a movie with a blockbuster cast the big short. Tell the story of a group of people who saw the 2008 economic crash long before it happened. And found a way to profit from it. But in the words of one character it's about how the American people were being screwed by the big banks are being short is based on a book by the author of money ball and the blind side and its stars. Brad Pitt Ryan Gosling Steve Carell Selena Gomez. Marisa Tomei in Christian Bale who plays a quirky outsider who's the first to see the impending collapse. Whole housing market is propped up loans that moms. It will fail. To housing market is rock solid. It's kind ma. Some mountains moves that have parents and the house and the financial market double we'll remember he ought to remember it was such a big moment and I also like too big to fail which kind of I wonder just kind of but. The big short will be in theaters around Christmas and I'm a big fan of money ball Brad Pitt money ball or getting together again and the cast my goodness sakes she happy growth nice that would that. And some different. All right one direction fans are ecstatic this morning or news of a new album after Zain left the group. There were feared that the ban would disband. But the four remaining members they have been hard at work the album is called made in the AM it'll drop November 13 let's. If you reorder on night stay iTunes store that is you can. Download a song called and did the right play. And a manual need to do that no I'm not in I think Wendy's in and I did I talked about the last time we did and so on need to start with made in the AM. A hot morning there. But knowing need to brush up from one direction I mean if Philly them not doing my job is is an American with. Knowing in Golston pop culture if I'm not too into it got to Dallas speech and commercial break OK we'll see what's up new album school coming up. More on the papal visit to America.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Tamar Braxton took the top spot of the night, while Victor Espinosa went home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33969966","title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Week 2 Recap","url":"/WNN/video/dancing-stars-week-recap-33969966"}