'DWTS' Makes Its 17th Season Premiere

Valerie Harper, in remission from brain cancer, has an emotional first dance.
3:55 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for 'DWTS' Makes Its 17th Season Premiere
It's that -- hearing getting Dancing With The Stars didn't back on season seventeen premiered on Monday night and we got -- highlights. -- here's a quick picture of the entire cast for you to take a look at them once again. Got carried out it started off with -- amber Riley she was an early favorite 27 year old there she is she's -- -- star and her partner Derrick house. Danced into the hearts of the judges -- The big I yes 27 out of thirty they loved it and -- the only Goodman who elected and who is usually like the most composed of all the judges -- said excitedly. Ayman Al imitating perforated fluctuating formulating -- that. His heart was racing he was heading into the marketing and -- -- they've -- all right next up Valerie Harper isn't just -- him. Brain cancer is nearly into remission is just an amazing feat for -- and here she is dancing at a time that a lot of people. I don't infection problematic for the surviving cancer there she is complaining more about -- me is that her can't -- and looking wonderful in the process then. And then who -- life. Bill Nye the science. That's -- sign -- aren't yet they did the whole thing fourteen points out of thirty for his fine -- Chop -- And they didn't like it one of the judges said he had all the elements in there but they are all -- -- and forward. Unfortunately he's. Not doing your -- I am. I don't -- well there you have it. -- -- By the way in late -- and -- -- houses. It's not good Dancing With The Stars once a week so you've got to get a dollar and calm that Monday because there's no more Monday Tuesday for -- to catch -- not very. -- somewhat -- Smith fifteen years all he's only fifteen he did little Twitter -- Controversial my guess that aren't that will go up and will and Jada Smith get any -- it kind of went off on education he said everybody in the world dropped out of school we'd have a much more intelligent society. You're -- say everybody get up it's always good to which actually wanna do school is the tool to -- -- he had an education is rebellion if newborn babies could speak. They would be the most intelligent beings on planet earth -- -- to. Somewhere in there I don't explain is that the idea of conformity is taught and free thinking is a good thing but he's -- he's fifty. He's also fifteen and unfortunately -- -- -- for ignorance for a lot of these -- It -- -- -- wondering when he's third he's gonna go right. And comes into the brain and comes out on the fingertips before they -- and -- say they -- can't remember anything about this before our at least write it in a way that is more intelligent than that because I have not come back. Moving -- to this this is pretty interesting only because of the reaction of the start here beyoncé has happened over the weekend. On Sunday -- concert got. Pulled off the stage in Brazil take a look at that she bends down to wait to some fans yeah and one crazed fan grabs and there I've tried to pull more ominous stage -- -- Now some 100 security guards came at a right away grabbed her pulled her back off -- and she of course tells everybody just calm down take any because won't be treated not like compact. But Kate O'Beirne your take a look at it the fan -- more -- than our own security people. No hard feelings at the end of the -- she went over to the guy and asked him for his name and told him I love you too which is why this is such a great great story. You really cool under fire -- -- on the story with her where her hair color here. You have got caught in the fan and she just didn't miss a trick she is really cool customer she really is and that's I think that's what stands -- because she's just down to earth -- a lot of ways and it comes and I can tell this that they are she started she can. Just keep -- real. That's -- big thumbs up you know.

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{"id":20276156,"title":"'DWTS' Makes Its 17th Season Premiere","duration":"3:55","description":"Valerie Harper, in remission from brain cancer, has an emotional first dance.","url":"/WNN/video/dwts-makes-17th-season-premiere-20276156","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}