Dwyane Wade Covers ESPN Magazine's 2016 Body Issue

The NBA star posed nude on the cover of the 2016 ESPN Body Issue and revealed how he overcame body insecurities.
4:25 | 06/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dwyane Wade Covers ESPN Magazine's 2016 Body Issue
Time now for the skinny and topping our headlines this morning Dwyane Wade life. We have never seen him before then who knows who else did get an hour and it's added. And after the jump offs that any fed NBA champion strip down to his birthday suit. Threat all six feet and four inches up and for the cover of ESPN magazine's annual body issue. To get that says he posed for the shoot wade admitted. Head he's never been confident about being naked around others for fear of being judged at Fuld may. And despite his obviously ripped physique. He added that yes he's human with insecurities just like everybody else. We just have no idea why I'm. Yeah even admitted that for the longest time he was uncomfortable getting naked in front of his own wife. But here's one thing he's apparently not self conscious about what it's all the magazine he never misses an opportunity to get a pedicure La. OK so wade says that besides professional pampering and preening he loves getting his toenails done. In black and polishing my does look like he he shredded up a little bit of the and now we still can't imagine what your self conscious. A quick death though. Medicare is very nice goodness it's that Desmond and really underage and I think than tickled. But I connect to fill every couple come clean. Okay so it's been the worst kept secret really for years in Hollywood but now a good friend Jamie Foxx has confirmed he and Katie Holmes. Are a thing. Real housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan has told the allegedly pod cast that Oscar winning actress spoke very happy with Tom Cruise is ex wife. OK so the couple was first spotted together three years ago dancing at a charity event. In the Hamptons. Now back in January of this year in touch magazine quoted another friend saying the actors have had marriage on their minds are quite awhile. Something small and quiet. Maybe even a little thing OK but that source reportedly said Holmes was afraid how Tom Cruise would react with their daughter Suri. Having a new father figure around. You know they really get much choice in the matter and Alexander has unless graphic to stick with him. Next charging all the way to the bank will soon be the stars of games draw the Hollywood reporter says the start of the Emmy winning. HBO fantasy drama are set to receive some hefty salary raises for the remainder of the show's seventh. NA and likely final season the show's cops. Ours including Peter includes and kit Harrington end. And Lena heady a million Clark have been rumored to have been getting paid about 300000 dollars an episode. They'll now reportedly get bumped up to half a million dollars an episode how. Now course that doesn't guarantee their character is. We'll survive in KB eight feet in a risky strategy it is a strategy so here's what's gonna happen in Sunday's episode is. At bank I know this show runner. I am going to hit and it. Kenneth love to spoil the game up around for everybody else would someone will die. If you can get UN FL editor edit event. Maybe that's another cut the budget than you'd ask your expense that carriers are expensive. Sorry to. Right and no clue. And from a galaxy far far away to the small screen just across the pond OK yes so he's best known as Luke Skywalker but mark Hammel. Is set to step away from Star Wars to star. In the British sitcom the 54 year old Hammel will reportedly join the cast of the hit show man down for its third season. His role has not yet been revealed but he is expected to play the father of the show's main character. Who break up but his girlfriend and it conflicted about keeping the teaching job he's always hated. Or trying for something more exciting. But at least for Hamill but certainly sounds exciting. It doesn't really. On May not deserve fair to expect program is pointing out their producer in my ear that in our video we gave away some spoilers to Star Wars in case somebody hasn't seen it. And as well as two game thrown and that you want to call more attention to them because you loved spoilers yes the split again. Mark Hammel in stores it. Senators should you think.

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{"id":40036347,"title":"Dwyane Wade Covers ESPN Magazine's 2016 Body Issue","duration":"4:25","description":"The NBA star posed nude on the cover of the 2016 ESPN Body Issue and revealed how he overcame body insecurities.","url":"/WNN/video/dwyane-wade-covers-espn-magazines-2016-body-issue-40036347","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}