Electric scooter safety concerns

Once hailed as a solution for urban congestion, increasingly popular electric scooter services are now raising concerns over safety. ABC News’ Jordyn Phelps reports.
2:39 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Electric scooter safety concerns
It's one of the hottest trends in transportation in. From Washington DC to Santa Monica California to Paris France. Thousands of dock bliss electric scooters have shown up in more than a hundred cities around the world. But with more scooters on the roads and sidewalks there are also more scooter related injuries and even deaths. In San Antonio this woman was injured when she was struck by an electric scooter in Dallas Kelly mentions first right landed her in the emergency room. I did a block and when I came back around the corner. I was stolen probably a little fast I hit where the trolley exchanges. Hers face first like over the skater here in Washington this uterus can be found all over town wherever the last d.s or lack then. All it takes is a dollar to start writing. Here we go. In doozy as say the scooters are fun and easy way to get around they are. By and they get your Crown Point native might be faster than walking Arafat's keep parents you. And more accessible hazard because like walking all the way to the match our waiting for is very you know get a scooter right angles to pick up that now. And for cities looking to cut down on traffic in gas emissions. Companies like licensee scooters are the way to go we find that cities are really motivated final turn to cars and scooters are Grail turned up the cars because. Most of the scooter he rides are replacing car trip and so seem to really trying to be creative and find solutions climate crisis. And that encouraging Michael -- new forms of transportation is one way to tackle that problem. Well there's a lot of excitement around the skaters some cities are pumping the brakes the skaters have shot up in some cities seemingly overnight with out permission. Nashville is she once theatre company a cease and desist letter. In the cities can't Monica charge that same company 300000. Dollars in fines for operating without a business five cents that's why lying says. There working with cities not a trade develop plans that make them think. For each state individual community. So here's the thing though I see the pros and cons here but when they're all over the streets people are tripping over them. It just seems like a nuisance. It's all about that courtesy with these skaters wind tells me they're trying to educate their riders to park their skiers where you might park a bike. I get next to you in this type in the street or something like that I will admit I have also been a victim onetime I came out of my front door and right in front of my stupid they are was the skipper yet to wonder. He says are saying there aren't. Jordan Phelps op first time up here on the set without you Bob Forrest looked for is great to have be here and they are bringing on sentencing story appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Once hailed as a solution for urban congestion, increasingly popular electric scooter services are now raising concerns over safety. ABC News’ Jordyn Phelps reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65714432","title":"Electric scooter safety concerns","url":"/WNN/video/electric-scooter-safety-concerns-65714432"}