Elevate your tailgate

America's CEO -- Chief Entertaining Officer -- Tim Laird shows us how to take a tailgate party up a notch without breaking the bank.
4:54 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for Elevate your tailgate
Or. Nothing those with ball more than football but also my favorite part of. All but tailgate parties have but your menu can be more than just hot dog since freight she's not that there's anything wrong we look. Yeah America's CEO of the chief entertaining officer Tim Laird has a new book. It is suburban country cookbook he's here showing us how to elevate our tailgate game and it's actually cutting interest into the rest you. Thirty exactly. What rescue sit there and it's not a lot iris if he gets its point total burden they're here. Ed you're right in light I think the football season so much fun because of the tailgate parties and of course the game but I love it and I did your right nothing wrong with the traditional dogs brides you know wings Chile. But I got a couple of tips to elevate your tailgate or without breaking the bank failed to him. So what are your home gating are actually tailgating and got a couple ideas for small with the drinks. Everybody loves champagne so I bring along some champagne and what I love that that you can buy core ballots you know French traditional. Champagne that's how they make it method champ and want but it's not a bad price kind of mid level so you don't have to break the bank on that and want what does that like under ten boats usually go about eleven to twelve okay all right time now yeah. Classic and believe me does champagne if you wanna kick it up. Poole shot boarded their image here Royale. Which is wonderful just a champagne and I'm not raspberry and yeah. Said Zoellick and you can even sure to show your team's spirits now show you how to do this either with another look core or a little hollow. Ahead if you're if you're a jets fan this good this good word Dora. He tells whatever green base a base in just a little bit of food coloring in the bottom of the cup or pay the basically the outcome. And sur La. You can you had to sell. So actually show teen spirit with you're Cordell champagne drinks is that fair will have one idea here colonel whether Fran that works for any. It really does it out here's another way to elevates. Everybody loves double legs I mean it's incredible and this is my. Crab doubled eighty course of yet numerous B that's fine. But how I pick this up. I put a little bit of American caviar this is the American spoon fish caviar and I'd say what this is about. Thirty dollars forty dollars and four announcement certainly a lot less serve a lot. Love love them a little and the Russia that that would be five times Adam. This is one of them here so that's one of those gives a little little little caviar and your double legs legs on the X. And done this kind of nice in the crab in there isn't. Delicious this is where it's great having Maggie here she's got a taste all I love them. And I bet you like happy Arnott and makes you don't really important time so it's it's a hit and I'm getting Ella van right out yeah. And negative ads say what beef tenderloin sliders again did instead of just your regular bill Bronson burgers here is a great sauce that I like to make to put this on. In years fat free Greek yogurt into that Maggie if you want to put in a little bit of horseradish is more dumb at all that there. Yeah they're just that there's some John mustard that goes dead. You know you're chefs in the head political consultant not her back right there needs menu mix settle up and then here's your final Honolulu as your final product like this that you've been a justice to your taste of but the rest he's on the world news now face let me ask trying to somehow I had the book that I got but violence actually on the world news now FaceBook so you have done I don't Presley's. And how about this dessert. I love this dessert it was basin one of my favorite cocktails. The French Manhattan so basically would have taken us. The Bruins are ten little wood for reserve a little bit of that child board Mason whipped cream putting a chocolate cup that you could buy already put a cherry on top that's the Manhattan all of that half of the yeah I said I. Let's suburbanites on the net this summer Riley who regularly couldn't invent yeah aren't high did its. Well this. Admitted drug it is okay a fund sweet ending to your tailgate party grated did you get your fans to just grab it and go so nodes it just came. All the facts yet so looking at. I'm glad there's a little target doesn't agree fancy tonight. Well don't forget about the new cookbook the burning in the country cookbook and I'll stick our FaceBook page for this. All amazing. Did here for all of here teal buggy. Needs this fall absolute ten thank you cheers strawberry jams Jay Beauchamp country camps left Brennan little bit different counts right now we want to release the.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"America's CEO -- Chief Entertaining Officer -- Tim Laird shows us how to take a tailgate party up a notch without breaking the bank.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"58302656","title":"Elevate your tailgate","url":"/WNN/video/elevate-tailgate-58302656"}