Expert shares St. Patrick's Day recipes

Tim Laird shares his favorite drink and snack recipes for the holiday.
4:31 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for Expert shares St. Patrick's Day recipes
Welcome back were already halfway through march and metaphors do you think Patrick's day. You don't need the luck of the iris to create a special thing patties they spread. America's CEO of course that means she and her baby off September layer. You're with more good morning to you morning I don't think it's a great to meet you as well I'd beat me and I could have blocked. Perhaps where does everybody have a lot of bottled up zealots at Saint Patrick's Day is on the weekend this year. I thought about and I would be. Right definitely want to do. Of course you can do the city I didn't have been through Patrick's day that I that a fund thematic idea records Brunswick got to start out with an average that's for myself. Very easy I have about three ounces of freshly brewed coffee here. And to that about a half pounds. Simple syrup for you can use. A little bit of sugar cube if you want to mix and there. And got to have the Irish whiskey I found this Glenn. Irish whiskey and that's gonna make our Irish coffee so that goes in about an ounce and a half. Our little slayer through. Used on items you know about it's about that much in the course has another secret Irish coffee. You wanna lightly we ups. Three you don't want to really happy. Is he still wanted to just float on top and of course but I think brunch have got to make the most of us all right an Irish a most. And it's basically what I call my battery gold. It can't simply I'm four ounces of Orange juice in here. And then of course a little bit of that slain whiskey Bob announced an hour and half credit course that topic with little or belts handing out of the courtroom. Yup so it's so it's a really nice. They kind of almost a little orange fuel as the carnage in their lives straight talk up here's what I have my Irish. Damaged. Read it here. Basically it's its baseball. Three year old fashioned the what to do this one of the pure. But he to a drop blocks what starts out with salt. And course the old fashion has a little bit of sugar in their slapped brown sugar. And then it has warned such a possessed of the Hubble oranges push to have the whiskey and merits of a slain goes in. And then a couple dashes. Bidders. In the saddle up and up through Lhasa here. We examine you spread it all on top it all overly bright eyes glaze weighted down prudent refrigerator when he boarded 48 hours and hundreds. Beautiful figured it salmon that's delicious you. Cucumbers. You can put it on post in your bagel or even what little post dates of that makes your blood really special. Those are some great idea that I beat down here and I that's when right here as well this is the licences little twisted mind. It's paid it was an exotic all this like Chris and smashed potatoes. And the eggs this time is from salmon. We had to. Assault unit which is perfect would definitely don't have to get this message board where you do is you cookies small potatoes. Just a fork tender. And then you put a bid 52 cards and papers will be given a full smash. Just like death. And then this goes back into the oven debate get for the becomes really pristine and I toppling this hour bring. Tim let's just have plenty of food. Lots of good friends. And make sure you're responsible party hosts who have plenty of alcohol free hot into the party. And make sure everybody has fun that is right and I can't let you go without. Shout out that urban. But beyond to get back there and people. I'll take this so many rescues and a lot of things. From the Kentucky here because my co authors executives got from Churchill Downs. Where the Kentucky Derby runs but we have a lot of fun stories and recipes. And done a lot of images are right so this is quite a piece thank you for just showing off what we can do for Saint Patrick's Day. A lot of bets that the ideas war. Watch check out our website W in advance dot com or. Have they are. Also check out Tim's latest book of bourbon country cookbooks and let me to look into whether they feel better appreciate it. Thanks get a have a great Saint Patrick's Day you're watching world news ma'am.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Tim Laird shares his favorite drink and snack recipes for the holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61676252","title":"Expert shares St. Patrick's Day recipes","url":"/WNN/video/expert-shares-st-patricks-day-recipes-61676252"}