Executive Chef Taste Tests Latest Fast Food

Michael Ferraro takes a bite out of new offerings from Burger King and Wendy's.
5:17 | 10/07/13

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Transcript for Executive Chef Taste Tests Latest Fast Food
If you are a fast food junkie this next segment is definitely for you adds up to show you every chance we get the faster change constantly coming out with -- extreme items and this morning we get to chase that I -- being back on the overnight but of course we cannot do any of this. Without experts are joining us is Michael Ferraro he is the executive chef and partner -- delicatessen and -- our restaurants right here in the Big Apple Michael was a graduate of the CIA. Don't get scared that actually means big culinary institute America's Jeff thank you support for -- -- this this morning thank you as we hear a lot these days about healthy eating and exercise and what's good for you what's not but deep down all the still -- some good old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Friends that work until it but the taste -- want to get started -- what you have a lot of items to get to the first order to have the -- taste you're gonna have prompted it I'll take that eventually. Well you guys -- so I'll tell everybody what -- is that we're -- this -- -- Glazed donuts breakfast sandwich. Everything in -- this is -- and -- before I tried nine. And then you guys are talking about what you think -- to -- An angry -- -- some -- in and it's called in close by Billy is don't push up that I take my -- you tell us what you think -- Enron -- Didn't dwell on Madonna fan. And I you know I get where the Cumberland from with the flavor profile and I've actually done doughnuts with -- in in the restaurant before. Com you know this -- saw that nomination of course yet. The flavor profile -- -- -- -- come from. Execution. Fair competitor -- the -- did it is this you don't supposed to be. I don't think that's what they advertise in the commercial -- the -- on this storm. The -- -- yeah. It is yeah Exxon is America so what does that French fried -- your standard burger. When you open it up it's got a layer of Fries so it's got. Isn't big goals and some catch -- and looks like mayonnaise. But also -- Three fresh eyes so clever why I think that months of planning to -- the British government admitted. So so what -- tell everything about this -- and Smart look. I would sees what has been pretty four. Who Sony French Fries on a burger and again you know I'm maybe it's like the potato chip concept when you make -- you have a -- would you put chips in there. But it all around pretty -- soft French Fries really -- bond and -- -- I don't listen now there's. There's really no quit taking that French Fries nice and -- -- -- and put -- next a lattice. And I'm sure you wrapped up hundreds heat lamp plant and -- and I -- Wendy's -- some of the -- added I'm actually excited to try -- -- want to get that is the best looking one and they have done a really good job advertising so this bad boy has. Same thing except -- Do you -- -- -- -- -- -- it's got some onion tomato lettuce at sixteen at a -- But this is not a pretzel button so the question it -- the pretzel on taste hear about what do you think just. -- will actually. I did you -- the once for a long time my restaurant. Come -- -- house -- pretzel bun with roasted diversity scalps a little bit different than what we have here over -- and but I like the concept it's a little -- comes across little bit more fresh than the other ones. Com hey if you're -- -- somewhere. And I had these three to choose from so far. I'll go the with the principal convicted in the as you look at this Christmas morning think that this lifted them to. A little hard right part of me -- -- -- back. -- mountains is an irony during those logos topic that essentially it's a talk about but this was a little went public who has -- This is once -- -- regular standard talk on the but -- Reno's. Invented about hundred assuming it's either the regulator doesn't by the -- -- Who had a -- -- what -- just who. Hey I mean I guess they were dealt with -- -- super popular. It's kind of something that a did you get spicy one Rick figured the -- at -- I -- -- they were doing with not -- flavors you know. To Chris -- -- not of this one but I guess when you get in the storks. And the flavor of the -- Reno's. I don't know maybe a little bit better in the store but not to -- I want to all the civil that -- a lot about -- died -- your -- these. Yeah. Thank you so much every perceived to be here -- -- much. Better go again thanks to chef Michael Ferraro from delicatessen and and that -- of course you wanna hear from you what's your new fast food favorite talented W and then fans dot com. If -- world news now.

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{"id":20492625,"title":"Executive Chef Taste Tests Latest Fast Food","duration":"5:17","description":"Michael Ferraro takes a bite out of new offerings from Burger King and Wendy's.","url":"/WNN/video/fast-food-taste-test-20492625","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}