Federal judge slaps Roger Stone with gag order

Stone posted an inflammatory image on Instagram the judge said was "sinister" and believed targeted her. ABC News' Mona Kosar Abdi reports.
2:17 | 02/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Federal judge slaps Roger Stone with gag order
We turn out to president trumps a longtime friend and advisor Roger Stone silenced by a federal judge. The judge rejected stone's apology for what appear to be threatening answer Graham post she slapped a broader gag order Rodham. It comes as we await Robert Muller's final report on the Russia investigation and some highly anticipated testimony next week. From former trump fixer Michael Cohen BBC's not a costar Robb. Good morning today from his Twitter account to his State of the Union Address president trump has taken every chance to condemn the Muller investigation. While bracing for the final report. For two years. Russian Pruitt shot the president attacking the investigations shadowing his administration. And maintaining his innocence. And economic America was taking place in the United States. And the only thing that can stop them. Our foolish wars. Politics. Or ridiculous. Partisan investigations. The fronts target. Special counsel Robert Mueller who has remained virtually silent. For the past 21 months the Mahler action speaking volumes amassing evidence handing down 37 indictments. And seven guilty pleas involving the president's closest allies including his personal attorney Michael Cohen and I'll do anything to protect mr. trump. Cohen pleading guilty to lying to congress that implicating the president in a separate investigation. On campaign finance violations. Go and making an appearance on Capitol Hill Thursday before is highly anticipated testimony next week. The legal trouble also mounting for the president's former campaign advisor Roger Stone. It's don't getting reprimanded by the judge overseeing his case for posting an instant grand picture with cross hairs next to her had. Still repeatedly apologize calling it a stupid lapse of judgment. But the judge didn't buy it telling stone there's nothing ambiguous about cross hairs than issuing a gag order on the case. And that gag order barring stone from speaking publicly about this case to anyone. Period and and also pennants and Jeannette the judge warning stone that there won't be a second chance so she's not messing around. All right Mona Locke coming up in the next week on Capitol Hill think he'll.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Stone posted an inflammatory image on Instagram the judge said was \"sinister\" and believed targeted her. ABC News' Mona Kosar Abdi reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61236808","title":"Federal judge slaps Roger Stone with gag order","url":"/WNN/video/federal-judge-slaps-roger-stone-gag-order-61236808"}