Festive Recipes for the 2019 Kentucky Derby

Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird dropped in to share some tasty recipes to complement your Kentucky Derby festivities.
4:31 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for Festive Recipes for the 2019 Kentucky Derby
Welcome back excitement is building for the wanted to 45 running of the Kentucky Derby and mobile this weekend. And who better to help us plan the perfect every party the contract developed double layered. Also known as America's CEO that's chief entertaining officer welcome back the world is now. And I love you because you always bring a good spread. We always have fun Kathy were excited absolutely the first Saturday may is always the Kentucky Derby and what I wanted to do was bring some of the official cocktails and food that's served at Churchill Downs and I'll share the secrets to him so you're throwing of derby party you can do these at home as well I love it. And the first one I'd say he got to start with a quintessential mint julep that is the drink of the derby and I've got an easy way to do this basically want to start out with a minute simple sir Kenneth. And this is simply in a saucepan one part sugar one part water. Bring it to a boil stirring to do zero all the sugar take it off the heat. Put in the same part of men stems and all spirits steep it like a T for twenty minutes stranded off. He had this beautiful mint simple syrup then to make the Mitt Jew what starts out with two ounces of what bird reserve which is the official Berman. Other Kentucky Derby it's very T Ed is that way you have the official drink an official murdered. And to that is that one ounce. Of that means simple served goes in. Want to give us a quick little stir and it's that easy though he only but. I saw half of that in there so not all not the whole thing just a council so now saying I need a good garnish. Of mints that goes in. And then a little sipping straw and you're done and it's perfect and here it is. Perfect mint julep I've got one made me you're already owns take a little set cheers as the 45. There. That's seriously real nice if this effort alcohol free version you could substitute would burden use Ice-T OK all right. We're moving on here's another official cocktail and like this when this is light and refreshing it's the whispered spire named after the twin spires at Churchill Downs. And it's simply. Starts out with announce an apple would for reserve. Two ounces of lemonade and one ounce of cranberry juice stir that up. A little eleven garnish and it's very light refreshing your guest can backs this up if you wanna make a bunch of amend sermon the pitcher. And cheers to this lawyers and this is a souvenir cup that they charge of the showy at Churchill Downs. But here's one you can use in home nice. Boone. There are phrasing that refreshing their delicious so this also has the would but what Purdue in that one as well as all the whatever fire that's finally the official vodka Churchill Downs and Lydia. And here's a drink that's called the oaks Lily. We actually invented this drink. Thirteen years ago so up it's been very popular and it's almost outselling the mint julep now. And here's how easy this would S it's simply about an ounce and a half of fiddling in the Ibaka like is that again there's an official vodka. And then to that but an ounce. Over an ounce and a half of sweet and sour or lemonade three ounces. Oh cranberry juice a splash. Of warriors look core. And then three black raspberries. Quick stir here's the oaks Lily sat still good glass they surveyed at Churchill but again you can use any Iraq's class at home. That's perfect cheered as cheers. Items like why not to overtake get paid does continue literally wrote the book on parties like this morning dealings to connect leader Reid. You have a book all. The over our country could come out and as a whole chapter on derby entertaining and they're so. All these official drinks are there and that great food items in the food items tumble get your big Jenna loves him bacon. Okay this is the famous hot brown in vetted by the brown hotel in global Kentucky. And it's simply on night a little right host. A little morning saucer actually cheese sauce if you want a little tomato bacon little parsley so its use that there is a big toast. But what I did was my turn these into a little appetizer that I absolutely delicious bite size so here is the Kentucky hot brown served a Churchill Downs. And you can make these at home a lettuce and Americans a year chief entertaining officer bottom layer think you stay with us. You're watching world news now get jurors you Bratton and.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Chief Entertaining Officer Tim Laird dropped in to share some tasty recipes to complement your Kentucky Derby festivities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62801981","title":"Festive Recipes for the 2019 Kentucky Derby","url":"/WNN/video/festive-recipes-2019-kentucky-derby-62801981"}