‘Fortress Washington’

Ahead of next week’s inauguration, 20,000 National Guard troops are now being stationed in the nation’s capital. ABC’s Faith Abubey has new details on the security threats.
3:13 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for ‘Fortress Washington’
This morning the nation's capital transformed into what some are calling fortress Washington. Seven foot fencing topped with razor wire now surrounds the capital building. And behind it some of the 21000. National board members deployed for the inauguration. Plans for the National Mall to be closed for Biden's swearing in and streets blocked off with concrete various. It's amazing that one time and then again it's kind of scary you know because you don't know very know what you spent. From the people what's gonna happen dormant Tom on another person like this. In his first public appearances last week's riot. FBI director Christopher Wray said the agency is tracking extensive online chatter about potential armed protests. The reason I use the word potential because one of the real challenges in the space. Is trying to distinguish what's asked operational vs what's in and anybody who plots are attempts violence in the coming week. And now new details about last week he's and the capital. And the people allegedly in the mob. Including retired air force office earlier we Brock officials say he admits to being the man seen carrying that ties. Prosecutors telling a judge that Brock intended to use the restraints to take hostages and perhaps execute members of the UN's government. Brock previously claimed he found the zip ties on the floor and intended to turn them over to police. This morning the Washington Post reports dozens of people and the FBI's terrorism watch what came to feed the day of the attack. Most of them being suspected white supremacists. Interstate eighty cases have been charged in federal court and 34 people have been arrested in connection with a right. Among them Peter stage are of Little Rock. Allegedly seen beating a police officer with an American flag and a Delaware man accused of carrying a confederate flag through the capital. Also Robert Stamford who made his first court appearance in Pennsylvania. The retired firefighter is accused of throwing a fire extinguisher and capitol police officers hitting three of them in the head. And Christine Freel Le a middle school employee near Cleveland who has resigned after being charged for her role in the riot. Yeah. Investigators taking computers and a phone from her home. That's not still think he can do it and you're gonna do. Not paying any consequences to go to the governments. In just do what you want to walk away that's nuts in the meantime. Daniel Hodges the police officer crushed in the doorway inside the capitol is speaking publicly for the first time. About that terrifying moment. But you know it is night he had done my diet and there's love and I can do defend myself on this point so I had just started screaming and top in my life. Directing my mask he here is who's able rip limited time DP with it and he is frankly something at around them so just so these people are. True believers in the worst way. And meantime another sign that president comes days in office or number take a look outside the White House. Workers were seen putting a biting hair it's banners ahead of Wednesday's inauguration.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Ahead of next week’s inauguration, 20,000 National Guard troops are now being stationed in the nation’s capital. ABC’s Faith Abubey has new details on the security threats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75273204","title":"‘Fortress Washington’","url":"/WNN/video/fortress-washington-75273204"}