Garth Brooks Cancels Appearances

The country music star says promoting his comeback album amid Ferguson protests would be in poor taste.
3:40 | 11/27/14

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Transcript for Garth Brooks Cancels Appearances
I've missed that news. That's that music gets done but it's getting pebble make it's getting time on Thanksgiving morning and we start. With a with a more serious story about Garth Brooks Brooks is promoting his comeback album but these days he's decided to put some TV appearances on hold. The reason he says he didn't want to be. Seen drumming up support for himself and it's a protest over the grand jury's decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown his statement on FaceBook Brooks says quote to spend the day promoting our stuff like nothing was wrong. Seemed is tasteful to me. Among the shows he bailed out on was live with Kelly and Michael and Brooks offered to make up the appearances. At a later date I don't know very many celebrities are singers who have something new out that would. Yeah it's and signal all of us to just think that both sides have themselves to. So up next the lead singer of the hard rock band queen the these guys in it big with the song them with arms wide open does that take me higher sung with songs and Leno have their fingers and a packet 2001 he won a Grammy remember that from best rock song well now creeds lead singer Scott Stapp says he's the victim of a vicious attack. But unnamed people yet he says not only is his name being drag the live but we'll have a lot one stolen from an exact posted along video on FaceBook. His fans to keep the thing. Sober and safe as of right now and you know hotel room. And don't believe any their lives. And the truth will prevail and the truth will come out I'm not sure what you're. Talking about Scott but anyway us that goes on to say he needs a good lawyer so lawyers up their take note. And that he has all the evidence you need to sue those who are attacking him. And win in court bankrupt them. Okay. Hoon. What will Bob salt pepper yeah a blast from the height of the classic shot and push it. Should quell the have you forgotten that are used as never before now hate fear because tango and it is Geico commercial the announcer states. Here's something that's what you gotta tell people to do is to have. What kinds of claims about paying him 10% of aren't terrorists except I am. Still time of course until he's right but you sure got the 1980s jacket so I'll see if a cinema I know English. Disappointing Thanksgiving without some Turkey cooking tips from the speaker of the house represented a need your what John Boehner has to say we're all used to seeing him on Capitol Hill but apparently. He is a smooth operator in the kids in this time of year he says he's been using his current brine recipe for five years. Among gainers ingredients water Bailey's Kosher salt peppercorns. Garlic and sixteen ounces of pure maple syrup and. Put the pot this respectable point words. But the boil and turn take a bucket from the bag and there but the Turkey and thereafter brushed it off school for the Brian over at Bryant have to be cool and put them outside strolled both performed well refrigerated for about 24 hours figured out rinse it off. First. Mr. speaker anything to go below that soda in my government. Pretty good economic at all O meter says he cooks his bird breast down to happen down for half the time and lets it rest of after cooking for about an hour at least had to guess yeah I think it's time that we can go over his place he. Hay house speaker were were available but times would be over.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The country music star says promoting his comeback album amid Ferguson protests would be in poor taste. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27215018","title":"Garth Brooks Cancels Appearances","url":"/WNN/video/garth-brooks-cancels-appearances-27215018"}