GM to close factories in the U.S. and Canada

It's part of an effort to focus on innovation. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.
1:57 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for GM to close factories in the U.S. and Canada
General Motors moving ahead with plans to close factories in the US and Canada because of work ourselves now president probably is demanding that the company caught up with a new products to keep those quit so bad. This morning at GM is cutting costs closing plants and slashing jobs. There's people in their balling their eyes and I've never seen anything like it and that we can't get any answers up to 141000. Workers in North America are now facing layoffs. Market conditions require that I North American assembly propulsion plant will be allocated. Prospect by the end of 2019. Those cuts will wipe out nearly 15% of the company's workforce with five plants traded to shut down by the end of the year including those in Detroit. Near Baltimore and in Ohio. Are not close and our dams are well I want a hell of a fight. The company is citing a changing marketplace 65%. Of all sales are now suvs and trucks compared to 50% just five years ago. As a result the company will stop production of six today and by the end of the year including the shabby crews Chevy Pollock and the vault. The president is expressing his frustration with GM's CEO in the wake of the decision. And insisting terrorists armed not to blame. The still politicians are pointing fingers one Ohio Democrat accuses president trump of making empty promises. After he guaranteed Mort jobs during a rally in Ohio just last year. We've got to get those values up we're gonna get those jobs coming back in Wigan a fill up those factors or ripping down a built brand new ones. GM says it will keep several plants in Ohio open in some laid off workers can get jobs elsewhere. The company says terrorists are not to blame for the cuts but he says the president's trade policies have cost GM more than a billion dollars.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"It's part of an effort to focus on innovation. ABC News' Janai Norman reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59439121","title":"GM to close factories in the U.S. and Canada","url":"/WNN/video/gm-close-factories-us-canada-59439121"}