Insect Cuisine Could Be Future Food Staple

ABC News' Lana Zak reveals the health benefits related to eating insects, including cricket tacos.
3:28 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Insect Cuisine Could Be Future Food Staple
People leave lots of weird stuff now -- bugs might be the bites of the future and that idea from the no less than an authority from the United Nations. And for good reason actually -- you want a second here with more on that it there on out hey yes. It may seem like an extreme -- -- or slightly green inspired science fiction but some experts now say that insects may be on our menu. What kind of person -- -- -- Grayson does he advocates eating insects bringing some to the New York hall of science a bold proposal in the fight against global hunger. He says he could be our future fight when he fifty insects don't have to be grows. If we can open our minds to keep pace with population growth experts predict -- production will need to double in just forty years. Insect farming is more environmentally friendly and may even be healthier they can be a great source of -- proteins fats. Vitamins minerals. -- the United Nations just issued a report touting the environmental and health benefits of eating insects after -- two billion people across the world -- But let's just take it over the psychological -- what it's like this course. Don't like an additional could. This is a little bit of a personal but I think this initially -- its message -- -- it is what insects were presented as a delicacy. Even mobster the cockroach of the C used to be prisoner -- Perceptions contained when food tastes delicious or -- They are putting us at two -- a -- -- in Manhattan youth cricket tacos are gourmet cuisine. They're really really delicious pound of meat attack could have been the camp rock scene you've been like -- parking on to thank. So with a couple of courageous friends by my side and we overcame -- prejudice. -- -- yeah. Yeah in the world. Bringing a whole new meaning to food for thought and nothing -- Now -- -- has the potential to be a food source for human. The right now those crickets are actually more expensive than filet mignon now that of course could change if more people started eating them which -- what the UN says may have to happen in forty years. Which brings us to aren't there are you up for. Well -- car OK so here's deals that you broadest these taco bar isn't hate anger and they're made -- cricket flower. So you're -- and flour ground up together that's or reading you have a much easier time yes you're absolutely right better than -- -- -- that we -- well what's yours may add yours have stuff and it's like Leverett cayenne pepper coffee. That's it doesn't sound. Not bad real taste so it -- sort of like friends like -- -- -- brownie or may be lake health food bar. Much like you amounts of crazy about the way it smells. And I -- -- and -- chocolate goodness. -- really it did change and finally when they when they told me of course lobsters are the cockroaches does seem like they noticed that don't -- think about it. And it does change your perception and -- my -- and by the way starving. -- -- I tentatively planning. For global area not inevitable bugs -- and I'm good -- board will only about a year meaningless.

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{"id":19756159,"title":"Insect Cuisine Could Be Future Food Staple","duration":"3:28","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak reveals the health benefits related to eating insects, including cricket tacos.","url":"/WNN/video/insect-cuisine-future-food-staple-19756159","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}