Insomniac Theater: 'Southpaw' and 'Pixels'

A sneak peek at two movies hitting theaters this weekend.
2:50 | 07/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Insomniac Theater: 'Southpaw' and 'Pixels'
We've got to movies opening the box office and first stop for the boxing drama. Yes it stars a beefed up and bruised up Jake Gyllenhaal it looks lot different than. He did in night caller when he was a skinny character their general place in this movie Billy pulled the middleweight champion. Well he's got all undefeated record get a beautiful wife and doing daughter inspect all the money within tragedy strikes in his lifelong manager and friend leaves him behind. We hope hit rock bottom turns to an unlikely savior at a rundown local gym for a shot at him. Only me. Six weeks. I mean six weeks. I'll give you my everything. You can buy everything. There's an end. Cancer was not done. All right we go to the scorecards now and we don't necessarily have a unanimous decision Mike LaSalle of the services go chronicle says south ball goes beyond the specifics. Of boxing a becomes a universal story about tragedy and grief but Joseph or the New York Daily News right when boxing cliches work they can deliver a knockout. When they don't as in south ball. We just give punch drunk. Taken so ports this. Do let me know. Turning to pick so Adam Sadler action movie combines. Video game the stock of the eighties with CGI animation and the silliest expected from Sadler is happy Madison productions. The plot centers around aliens discovering video feeds of costs aren't keen games and misinterpreting them as a declaration of war. The aliens and then attack earth using the video games as the models for their assaults. Wonder if you're. Great god. I'll stay will be together. What's. When it comes reviews picked souls does not appear to be making it past the first level he. He can Alter a film journal international says for anyone over the agent had this video game. Derive disaster movie will just be a disaster Rick belly of the Fresno bee he writes pixels and up having too many glitches to make it work from Europe. Quarters creative writing there would be if people like these video games you like salmon there goes the death of silliness or take talent. You know he's gonna get a lot of attention and probably Oscar attention because of the way transformers that role they like when they do that.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"A sneak peek at two movies hitting theaters this weekend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32658432","title":"Insomniac Theater: 'Southpaw' and 'Pixels'","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-theater-southpaw-pixels-32658432"}