Inspiration behind ‘Clouds’

The new Disney+ movie tells the true story of a high school senior who lost his battle with cancer. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to his mom, Laura, and Neve Campbell, who plays her in the film.
4:33 | 10/27/20

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Transcript for Inspiration behind ‘Clouds’
I. Clouds tells the true story of Zack Soviet Minnesota teen diagnosed with a terminal cancer in his senior year of high school. Losing his final months to make music as a way to say good bye to people he loved. It's like they're invincible. Not Superman and punishment school. That treats Eunice Simpson tomorrow might be better data search chasing dreams. How accurate is that so I mean how much of it is Hollywood and much of it is is. You're light. We talked about as a general Eric what percentage is accurate and we could probably 80% but the mystery is really there. Are the relationships. The stuff that really matters I think Islam. Really well. Represented Deb Campbell please Laura in the film. The Lincoln and we. I guess I just. Pray here. Crowds I have got a patent yeah dress. Up the bond between these two mothers undeniable. Paying you nailed it. Yeah isn't fun creative process with Laurent you know it was it was that you conversations tonight but we're seeing some times are tax receipts attitude these moments we've been running high grad but it again that. From what we say how do you say again I know you wouldn't say oh my god would you say oh my god it's like that I got a. Laura trusting never to bring to life both her greatest joys and her most heartbreaking tragedies. Whether as a mother or actress workload. There's certain scenes that were especially profound street sound singing. This scene. Yeah where. I'm telling me is that she means cosic IA so that scene lists. Emotional and then there's this one. Then of the house permanent promised tomorrow. Well just assume it's going to be there you get to design. What matters and most. Now. Laurie but that. There and yeah I'm a theory. This very moment where answered. Parents don't have the experience of dying so how can tell this cannot attack her rule I mean honestly it was good being. Huge jury into like they Laura choosing to share -- story because she knows how can inspire people. In perfect people hoped. The number of people in big ways when they engaged their talent. Nice. Even though yeah yeah. Yeah. It's so overwhelming. All of this community here. Coming her way to. Late this wild these successful. Film about his life. His son back at number one what to exact it say about this moment. So I think it'd probably feel there are a lot of that he would sell off from Kennedy siblings. You say it's similar in the cold beings Sarah do you Laura why would you encourage people to watch slaps. It brings you this message of hope and in the context ever really heartbreaking story what is really important. And discovering at the end of the day that it's really about how you love the people and much. And a unit trying to talk. Are. I don't think I can't I honestly am so late as I said blown away by and food news. Again that Stanley and so grateful to be apart of that. Grateful to both of them for having that conversation with me as well clouds it's streaming now on Disney plus. Every single penny that the Stanley makes from the film from Zacks music goes to does that Soviet -- a sarcoma fund. To help fund research for better treatments for kids with osteoporosis Kama you guys. Oh my god well thank you so much for that inspiring story I know it's not easy for his mother to have to re live some of the hardest moments of her life. And also for now Campbell to try to do. That story justice but it looks like she was able to accomplish on Genesee huge inspiration to you saw a song is notable and again yes. And it's a song that mean you've heard it. You heard the song and now we know the story behind it which is even. More testing then just a song itself it's an incredible story can which Watson.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"The new Disney+ movie tells the true story of a high school senior who lost his battle with cancer. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to his mom, Laura, and Neve Campbell, who plays her in the film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"73850883","title":"Inspiration behind ‘Clouds’","url":"/WNN/video/inspiration-clouds-73850883"}