Internet quiz queen

Meet the student who came up with more than 700 of your favorite BuzzFeed quizzes, becoming one of the top drivers of traffic to the site. ABC News’ Will Ganss reports.
5:40 | 10/08/19

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She looks like a typical college. Classmates think she's a typical college student at this go to clad famous and then. So I had my friends go to be fair her parents also had no idea she would be up in a room in. To speed. Turning out these quizzes and evening in you know she was doing yet at just. Nineteen years old Rachel McMahon is the Internet please queen if you put online at all in the past few years chances are you know her work. Rachel creating 700. Buzz feed quizzes just last year. Which Disney dog are you most like what percent go to our U. Heated to at a breakfast foods it will reveal which celeb you should go trick or treating way inspiration behind those quiz is coming from everywhere. I literally just be walking like. And negotiate stir outside I'll be sitting class enough ceiling collapse there an ad in other I can make it clears up or otherwise it's like Alec TV shows trending. I don't know that those characters cabana that probably promote an LD again. An unborn if you had to do NC was Jonas brother you are kept well enough for Nick Jonas to take one of Rachel's quizzes on national TV. Choose as your senses general I would love bug obviously. What started as something goofy Rachel making her first quiz wallboard in a class. Grow into something insanely popular don't scroll past this Rachel became the second highest traffic driver to buzz feed worldwide and when he eighteen. Her reaction. My opponent is weird that they add to my pants in the island. Violent I don't know I guess they like my stuff. They sure did. After her first few quits as she began getting emails saying her quizzes got promoted to the front page a buzz feet then more than just emails began to arrive. I gifts and gift cards and shirts and mugs and socks and other OK maybe I am. Then something very. Good but not good enough to earn her a paycheck. Until one day an email from Simon and Schuster. What was that like the moment she told you about acting don't know she heard and known Lewis and ministers who has some like yet that's available company a real company landing Rachel her first real publishing deal. At the ripe old age of nineteen what kind of crazed cookery bringing 270. Of Rachel's or necklaces from the browser to the bookshelf he said can hear grandma like refuses to write an accident not right at them both straight but why paperback book only the first of many deals pouring game. Now Rachel's teaming up with Verizon creating a personality based quit is to help the company's customers find the best phone plan for themselves. Is this weird for you at all you open on page and it's just you at the top of it. And yeah yeah. I know her and even while working with big brands Rachel still sticking to what she does best. With Verizon might like a thousand heirs that I'd have to be so early scientific of that knowledge like it's finally. We don't wanna like invade Blake what you did I just do a high normally let him. That regional McMahon player sales to professional offers continue to commit ritual now in talks with Netflix play buzz in India because everything equates clean touches. Turns to gold. Before accepting any more big business deals Rachel is getting ready to take her mid term exams like any normal college kid it. And speaking of exams we are gonna take when every to clear they've got to put here right now yes we have what kind of good look at you and everyone at home can take this along with us yep this quiz what part of this more are. Watson now hearing got attacked all right OK question number one. What's your opinion ounce more is eight they're delicious B I've never had one scene they're okay okay do I tell you can't say how do we do. Circuit odds Eric bet there's really. They look at their the last question do what's your favorite candy bar Hershey's bar payday and twigs to Eric. Our bailout. F could choose an unconventional standpoint of we have. Chocolate chip cookie doing sandwich you have to be Robin burgers the donut breakfast aids day day holiday Everett does it can yeah. Dollars upgrade. Question for which of these places would you. Want to do your house that museum of ice cream in San Fran not TLC Chinese theatre in Los Anaheim Rainforest Cafe in Chicago OK out of ago with. And TC EO Chinese theatre in Los Angeles gonna. Not a lot of guests outside their on the Hollywood walk oh yeah. Question five which food based job would you want to happening bakery owner V chef at a five star restaurant. He blew me that I would it be the case that there have. Defeat three you know. Cart. Clayson six to choose an object to use. As a stick to roast your marshmallow a golf club yep became a hot seat plastic lap ever go to classical right. Emory here. Gary Alan okay all right and question number seven choose a place to eat us more and bad bad outward up. By your. Ghostly robredo about chocolate ice and I'll look back here answer yes what did you guys circled most often. Sunny. Day. I out of the case of if you got aids let's go to the results yes that means. Door that chocolate. You're incredibly sweet and love to have fun no way job outright. Candidacy. I was kind of savior the marshmallow you may be a child at heart triggered the glue that holds everyone to get. My. Any. An alternative. Not move through line. I'm John Glenn at Martinsville oh yeah.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Meet the student who came up with more than 700 of your favorite BuzzFeed quizzes, becoming one of the top drivers of traffic to the site. ABC News’ Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"66127908","title":"Internet quiz queen","url":"/WNN/video/internet-quiz-queen-66127908"}