Jay Leno Moves Over for Jimmy Fallon

The rumor has been confirmed, Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show."
4:54 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Jay Leno Moves Over for Jimmy Fallon
It's time for the -- start with the confirmation to a rumor that we've been hearing about for quite some time. Jay Leno will be leaving and he will be replaced by -- then that Allen Jamey Carroll agents and of course everybody had a rip roaring good old time like this one. The last night -- identical thing. Yes probably heard the news I'm going to be taking over for the Tonight Show next. But don't worry until February our focus is right here on whatever this show was -- I called my mom things she says well David I see you didn't get the Tonight Show again that. Jimmy has even taken over yet the room was already starting. Like NBC's five years they -- replaced Jimmy with Justin Bieber they're moving to a quick. So -- 38 years old. Jay Leno. Much older than that and that we -- NBC is obviously looking to appeal to the ever demographic and that's -- they're saying they're bringing this and Jay -- only can't tell if he's -- not about the but I'm sure -- can't be all that happy considering how much they weren't right it's easy for me to say but the guy had a terrific run. Not over Burma's other things in life -- -- the -- of the Ohio and he's been so yeah he's gonna do just fine -- -- -- balance. Tonight show executive producer will meet -- creator of Saturday Night Live which has learned -- that if you remember Jimmy -- got his start zero. Tradition but it'll sure -- Kelly rip on -- To mark and -- is talking to People Magazine she says I -- openly hostile when mark leaves the toilet seat up. Seventeen years of marriage. She says that it is still a peavy never puts the toilet seat down it irritates me we fight about it but it's okay she was -- -- say he's the person I was meant to be with forever and I think he feels the same -- basically she's saying it's OK to have fights about silly little things which I would tend to agree with as long as you respectful. I'm immediately yelled daddy -- -- -- the nasty name that's the problem you don't call each other names -- keeping clean. If you gotta events it's not -- and then now okay every once and I'll go -- with your loved -- in terms -- We got some shocking news here Christopher Abbott Abbott girls this incredibly successful HBO series. Just -- All of a sudden he is believing he is the boyfriend Charlie. Allison Williams. And so all of a sudden he decided that he wanted to leave abruptly leaving the show this is exclusive information from the New York Post. -- and this is interesting because he's just so I am gaining prominence on the -- as Charlie. I reconciling with you know his dad -- -- there -- Williams. -- or Marty as she's known but according to page six gag he's been apparently butting heads with the famine conditions creator. About the direction of where things were going for season three and he just got out yeah he abruptly left and some people are saying that's kind of strange sources of course are saying -- a little -- since. This is a show that put him on the map so why -- -- the only so -- One other animals -- be incredibly stupid -- just -- what could have been likened. In the great career -- or you know you never know sometimes get the hot and it may -- society -- got out maybe all fantasize about telling somebody we're who's boss we haven't differences with I'm out of here. I don't need you now but I do want to say this -- -- is -- did say that he's leaving confirmed his departure but that he's grateful for the experience of collaborating with Selena. And the entire girls -- -- has been wonderful but right now he's working on numerous other projects and he decided not to return to -- -- -- -- -- Let's talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger and put up that he that picture it's really going to -- around on a bicycle. The stomping grounds in -- -- -- there isn't a -- he's 65 years old now look at that mural behind him. He took a little bit and that -- in front of them from the ridiculously huge bodybuilding days of old and obviously must be pretty proud look at themselves -- -- like that he was the hero muscle beach -- -- documentary called pumping -- this is it about 10 AM video that. I watched this as a teenage boy -- you know I think everybody wanted to -- -- of course didn't quite happen I don't know why. -- complaints are under all that well when it out so well no it's not Arnold that something that much but anyway it's really cool Arnold little afraid other guys play the whole world -- here's. They're going back and forth joined to -- their. They're not mr. you have mr. Olympia competition canceled training and it's -- them in the gym you really at this inside. Bob Arnold bodybuilder and aren't Arnold wins -- yet Warsaw alone has been. And I don't think that's -- -- -- just really interesting Arnold is half the size that he used to be. And just to see it on his little bike. It's like you in the back at them on a little like in the front -- for a guy BA he's -- huge and highly skilled big man nearly sixty Bobby -- -- takes Crabtree still --

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"The rumor has been confirmed, Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on \"The Tonight Show.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18877306","title":"Jay Leno Moves Over for Jimmy Fallon","url":"/WNN/video/jay-leno-moves-jimmy-fallon-18877306"}