Kermit & Miss Piggy Are Over

In a joint statement, the "Muppets" couple revealed that after "considerable squabbling," they are terminating their romantic relationship.
3:27 | 08/05/15

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Transcript for Kermit & Miss Piggy Are Over
It's been difficult period for. But the fact that it if we start though with a more break up more celebrity break up news. Visit the split that really has people upset Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog in hot quite clearly. Carmen an ounce of split first in a press conference or reporters with an issued a joint statement with miss Payton. Okay we're really doing that and that same can be off on again off again couple. So they have made it over the visiting to terminate the relationship the romantic relationship but they still have a work relationship it will continue to work together on their television show the Muppets which airs. Tuesdays at 8:7 o'clock Central Square. ABC Kenya has come in useful. Where to that we didn't know it just as we really knew something was up. When current showed up at our studios a couple months ago her without miss your engine to shoot the ball we knew something was up. Obviously strained at the time were related to the strain don't know it was on hard on his resume nuclear glory and a bit of a mountain noticed she would not is that built at a press. But trust me when it. We definitely crap and you have from Venus have but I shall. Boy did it today show this week that other day at rock musician and Hunger Games actor was performing onstage when this theme of his hand seemed. No way if meaning he'll. Major where drugs. The scene my way. You couldn't see this and lets you were up front. Bet this pumps aren't really that runs and a plaque now. We can't show you the fear I don't know why we use the world news now logos such a way this is just Melissa good. But they say you could see a thing you. Besides sharing his religion. Private showed up his peers think something that fellow rocker Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler I was actually surprised by protecting Travis do no underwear and here's. There's an expletive. You never showed me that expletive. Okay. Four confuse viewers we did occur in the story and then went to that went. Al-Qaeda and its crap we got another celebrity's story here she enjoys showing some stuff. Kim Garnett Tim west in the queen of the so we get new book out this fall still fish at the coffee table style book you will meet up with still these. Report would not selling as well as many thought it might. According to Nielsen books scanned data revealed to radar online to focus only sold about 32000 copies at last. Than 1% of Kim's over 41 million into them followers apparently. 445. Pages of just self he's alone people just not really. Okay the book's publisher though told US weekly that. Armed us weekly friends else we can tell you it's got us weekly that those numbers are accurate because they don't account for other sales figures and a big estimate it sold its soul of a 145000. Copies. The reserve price that 1995. You can now get on Amazon for about ten box. OK and finally a Hollywood studio hoping their new movie will sell better than can book. The question it because it's about past eight day according to the Hollywood reporter. And vision media arts has signed a deal with Pitt is the make an animated film based on the big east. Which was really originally invented in 1947 in Vienna Austria Pez dispensers. I become collectors' figures over the years estimated that more than three billion Pez candies are consumed. In the US every year and it's just in the planning phase right now no details but hate illegal we did well right so maybe that's what it has moved from Buffett.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"In a joint statement, the \"Muppets\" couple revealed that after \"considerable squabbling,\" they are terminating their romantic relationship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32891937","title":"Kermit & Miss Piggy Are Over","url":"/WNN/video/kermit-miss-piggy-32891937"}