Kevin Ware Makes an Emotional Comeback

More than 200 days after breaking his leg, Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware takes the court.
2:56 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Kevin Ware Makes an Emotional Comeback
Next time what a comeback story here -- blue -- Kevin where vast multiplayer injured in the NCAA torn last year I think. And blue -- his leg if you're not familiar with the name you will be familiar with the video these images they were all over TV everybody wondered this guy could ever come back it was just such a gruesome injury the literally saw his leg snapped. It was really profound stuff. Yes it was horrific and he was all over the national media what anyway. He entered any exhibition contest now 220 days after that making his first three point shot how it's. -- -- he finished with six points four rebounds in ten minutes folksy back. Quote from Randy once I get the first shot to Kuwait all the jitters -- says he expects his entire family in attendance and -- on Saturday for the season opener. So they can build on this I'm just hoping to get out there show people that I can be the same player I was before the injury. -- young man from tomorrow. Something about him saying back when he don't get out fast and a lot of people and -- -- -- -- -- yet with the second look at him now. Let me say hello let -- wanted to lululemon co founders is in the hot seat because during an interview with Bloomberg TV street smarts he seemed to imply. Then aide Lula in yoga pants are not -- every woman now you may remember that they were so she -- That they have been -- -- from shelves with rob. Exactly everything the exact same thing that we -- that -- -- out now. -- the biggest problem for Lu eleven is they eat and don't carry bigger sciences they often don't restock the bigger sizes that they do -- And so a lot of them bigger women have complained about that and then we have the shares situation causing them to pull him off the shelves -- the guy's name is -- Wilson -- was doing this interview with his side by side and he basically said. Frankly some women's bodies just don't actually work really -- on the women. Exactly blaming it on the woman's body it's really about the running through the -- how much pressure is there over a period of time how much they use -- His wife by the way tried to give her a nice error or -- PC explanation. The interview -- that so many you're saying now women can Wear lululemon the other -- That's not it just how you use it don't sit on the cement floor. That -- to share his wife to the rescue. Your Mallory -- -- stepped up. Yeah and is now just I don't quite get less but they say it's true too much sleep actually can be bad for you folks new research indicating that too much sleep. Can be just as harmful as not getting enough sleep and -- imagine what your parents -- from the latter. Take an apple -- suspension. Right now that looks amazing apparently according to WebMD the amount asleep. Inauguration activity level and general health and -- step that I haven't. Even though your average recommended amounts to seven and on our guests feel better already too much is -- -- you I'd like to suffer from the condition to prevent.

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{"id":20812696,"title":"Kevin Ware Makes an Emotional Comeback","duration":"2:56","description":"More than 200 days after breaking his leg, Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware takes the court.","url":"/WNN/video/kevin-ware-makes-emotional-comeback-20812696","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}