Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo Perform Digital Duet

The two singers belted out Derulo's hit "Want to Want Me" using the Sing! Karaoke app.
3:16 | 08/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo Perform Digital Duet
At least if confiscating this morning worlds collide with music's biggest. Countries are Luke Bryan in R&B pop star Jason to rule though. Performing a digital duet the two Bolten recently appearing in Central Park for Jimmy's. Summer concert series but it wasn't until Brian reported. C is part of the duet using the scene karaoke app. But the two collaborated whoever Luke admittedly. Had a little trouble with the hi how. Good. Kids and it's a cool song itself vehicles on collective effort couldn't get up there were waiting for the Christmas out come and and that is the first time the two music stars have appeared. Using that app together at a clip garnered millions of views in just a couple of hours after Brian tweeted out the clip but the message to Jason saying. You aren't saying fool dip no but eleven B billion hits now. Steve no jackass number him known for his stunts but his latest one seems to have some meaning behind it also landed him in jail. Steve though was charge of trespassing after climbing the crane in Los Angeles in apparent protest of SeaWorld emergency workers responded they thought it might be sues. But the performer told reporters when he was going forwards lavanchy. K that's Steve filming himself within inflatable killer whale out. After he posted that he is gonna do that. Well I can't see if it hits because that's and bag and took it to put my foot Def jam man. VoIP like even he can't seem to get seriously but he's apparently my passion about the comments that Lester Steve go climbed up. To a freeway sign changed its so that a Red Sea world sucks when asked why he said simply. Because it's the right thing to do still crazy after all these years you both okay British singing sensation Sam Smith is in lot these days an apparently self. Yesterday Smith last on his very own wax figure and not just those. In San Francisco despite cleaning up at the Grammy Awards earlier this year Smith isn't taking himself too seriously is itself from the kisses and lakes. He gave himself at the museum and bailing entering the big reveals that encourage fans in true British fashion to quote. Feel free to test my black box. And finally actor Robert Pattinson is engaged and some surprising news that were having a hard time believing his fiancee says she's never seen twilight. In the app pride come I'm. A playoff lead singer FK twigs told a British paper that despite being every teen girl's favorite vampires he's never watched them. As Edward and so all of those brooding good looks apparently. Performed. For real light woods I don't I don't buy it I don't buy it.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"The two singers belted out Derulo's hit \"Want to Want Me\" using the Sing! Karaoke app.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33006499","title":"Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo Perform Digital Duet","url":"/WNN/video/luke-bryan-jason-derulo-perform-digital-duet-33006499"}