Major storm moving east

The snow storm is already slamming the West and is threatening to cause havoc for those traveling home after Christmas. ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports.
2:11 | 12/27/19

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Transcript for Major storm moving east
We begin with a deadly storms slamming the west right now it's on the move just in time to impact travel plans for the weekend and the New Year's holiday heavy rains are bringing flash flooding and snow has shut down a major highway. Winter storm warnings are up across the southwest and this is the big concern the storm is tracking into the plains today heading for the midwest. Already a winter storm watch has been issued from Kansas to Minnesota for late tonight and tomorrow. Then the storm arrives in the north east late this weekend ABC's Trevor alt is here with more on the trouble trouble Trevor good morning. Good morning Kenneth good morning Judy this storm's gonna take a couple days to make its way across the country and it really couldn't be here at a worse time with more than a hundred million people traveling for the holidays. At the center of the country's going to be getting the brunt of it today but out west they have already seen happen caused by the storm. With millions heading home the day after Christmas nasty weather conditions made the busiest travel day of the season a nightmare in the southwest. A major snowstorm brought as much as two feet of snow strong winds and low visibility forcing the closure of some California highways including this stretch of I five. Known as the great guard. To go straight Flores as is getting to scandalous marvelous thing. Drivers left stranded for hours before getting help some of them waiting overnight. One truck driver even found dead Thursday morning in his re. Those traveling at lower elevations instead battle torrential rainfall swamping roads and again stranding vehicles that out when shall -- first full blast emergency workers making multiple water rescues. Putting one Kelly man at risk for hypothermia. After getting trapped in six feet of cold water. In northern California also saw a deadly traps and man killed by a falling redwood. Just one of many massive trees toppling over on to homes and cars. So for many the holiday travel in the worst today is over but analysts say several cities like Houston and Boston and Seattle haven't yet hit their peak congestion. And as the storm marches to the east. The drive can be impacted for millions more people Kenneth genetic all right not a good look at their Trevor thank you.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"The snow storm is already slamming the West and is threatening to cause havoc for those traveling home after Christmas. ABC News’ Trevor Ault reports. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67941476","title":"Major storm moving east","url":"/WNN/video/major-storm-moving-east-67941476"}