Really Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Last-minute Christmas gifts that you can find around the house.
3:00 | 12/25/13

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Transcript for Really Last-Minute Christmas Gifts
Nearly every year Christmas Day edition of and that makes that we start -- A classic Christmas movie home alone you guys -- kids -- McDonald's. There was a time in my life are -- almost every single day and I know all the lines -- there's the guy out there his name is Paul little he decided that he wanted to incorporate it into his Christmas card. In a video version but the -- -- he incorporated into his car is very interesting because he inserted himself. As every single person in the entire -- -- to -- with an analog. Need my family disappeared. It makes you feel better marker reading. Does your girlfriend who. -- -- -- -- It's nice to -- -- you achieve movie animal this too. Bush may have it you can be literally goes through most of the movie doing -- and that's his face in every single character just kept repeating the line because they're really doing anything out of the ordinary aside from people like that we all know anyway. It's just kind of calling creepy that. As he shook up. Italy and she media filthy and not at his thoughts along those lines -- so I asked well what about bus fees you're and -- trouble and you. Fluid and cabinet -- gifts for somebody there's there's last minute desperation gifts sounds from. An odd is happening get these for you but they're also all bus speeds less silly isn't it or not it is there's -- out my -- -- these yards in just staying. For instance. Makers used chopsticks. No -- to roll back scratch yours. Wow. Your engines. -- No one's closet organizer Diana giving a break when you. Maybe you're really just left a lot about all of this an attempt to portable workout -- later. The -- yeah. Yeah -- -- -- emergency glove compartment food supply all of us voted. Put this one our Christmas. OK let's -- do yourself chunky Bengal. You know I didn't forget -- -- the -- and and lastly that there that could grow it yet he's special -- him -- -- you probably dated paper -- No they -- silver lyrics. On silver issued here silver dish here. Academic. You got that and NYSE on -- when she I'll -- lag time after it means cleaner so you. About 10 my goodness there's -- how lucky in my Christmas can't involve -- the. -- -- but hey guys if you're actually doing. Ethanol shame on yeah. It got pretty yeah yeah -- that's everybody on.

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{"id":21332580,"title":"Really Last-Minute Christmas Gifts","duration":"3:00","description":"Last-minute Christmas gifts that you can find around the house.","url":"/WNN/video/minute-christmas-gifts-21332580","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}