Mom delivers her own baby

A mom goes into labor, a dad drives the wrong way and EMTs break down a door. ABC News' Will Ganss reports
2:44 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for Mom delivers her own baby
Instruction you could say I want out of line while she was home alone in New Jersey and going into labor by that it only got. Half of it. Our whole world Kansas here to fill in the blank from those while tail. The all of me it's ready to tell you all of this story ask you think a mother going into labor while whole alone would be the most dramatic part of this story right. Well not quite you guys. Missing and are your baby crying I'm right. What the heck when you share the story of how Michael Roberts met his newborn son you might also be saying what the hack his wife DeLia Sumner. Home alone when she went into labor. The pain intensify. So I was on the phone with my husband is I think you need to come into it it blocked presumably come to start to stream. And in a fall hangs out sort of fall hangs out are already knew us well let me down on one as Ian teased made their way to the couple's apartment dad did TU. Or at least he tried to. And I think I know I'm one dollar down under world highway. But plot twist. That's not all come around about somebody back to that of regular highway I ran out of gas and then dad takes off running luckily a good samaritan spots and an offers help the one car pulled it was and now you are our you'll get. And I'm like home I'm like no harm our right about a guy's following my wife was governor baby. Meanwhile back at the apartment police and EMS arriving to a locked door DeLia in too much pain to get up to let the men herself. Emergency crews knocking down the door to find mom and new baby Malick high on the floor next to the bed and have a group of officers and would be empties. And in the end it worked out very well mom that the eighty Malick I and yes even dad is doing very well. We don't Bob Bennett did did now it. Nagle says he was so flustered that day that he never even got the name of the stranger who helped him get home. But he hopes that man will come forward so he can think improperly. Can't imagine him running down their Coeur. Try to get there that's it's admits it's like it typical dad. Writing to happen like that at all eligible being mom delivering her whole baby right yeah Mars mobile world here they really are that was incredible week. For some patents and help. Health as well Sayyaf holds. I am. Help help lower what was your favorite part of that story I just love how the mom is listening to the dad talk and she's laughing results of these so it must be difficult wreck that you. But yeah I Gatt and parts that left that.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"A mom goes into labor, a dad drives the wrong way and EMTs break down a door. ABC News' Will Ganss reports","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61676112","title":"Mom delivers her own baby","url":"/WNN/video/mom-delivers-baby-61676112"}