A News Anchor Drops the F-Bomb

Lauren Podell, a reporter at WDIV in Detroit, didn't realize her mic was on when she cursed.
2:54 | 11/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A News Anchor Drops the F-Bomb
-- -- every reporter and anchor's worst nightmare that you're going to say -- -- is something inappropriate on the air when you don't think Iran your Mike is hot everybody's back to some extent I never dropped the F bomb to my knowledge but I think I've said to be worth your knowledge to my knowledge. I had never shut the F -- I have not gone away but anyway the latest bad news reported drop in Islamabad to set up for a quick to complain about her IFC and that's -- little earpiece if you can hear what's going on just know that she's on the air. This is that WTI me her name is -- Philadelphia -- see your face but you can see the anchors and you can hear the -- -- was enough. I don't know what we're telling you -- Or that's gonna leave -- -- Anchors there were lucky enough to -- apologize right away show a picture of wonderful more. Sorry -- -- not an on camera. But there's the lovely ladies and and it happens you know apparently the viewers actually went to the FaceBook page and sort of send -- understandably get it -- they didn't makes -- big -- Iowa for good good news for her arm -- you know what I -- I conveniently find work or just don't much yes well on the five's. And that's it -- ever happened to me out of it's still believes the one thing where I can feel all the blood going yes tonight -- read -- -- ever happened to me. OK I want to share review of an adorable five year old who is now leading a marching band is. This little guy's name is around me help -- help them five years old and -- he just decided that he wanted to start practicing with anti went to the band. And summer -- summer band camp this is the glades central high school and he just thought that he. I'm going to do this for fun at little he yelled he's being recruited to be one of the fans is that the major. Then there was then they get there he would hand he -- yeah. Talent at them all what happens to be one of their biggest -- the year this is -- the halftime performance. Take them. They asked. I think it. The crowd went crazy they absolutely love sitting down and said everybody this proud we're watching her from the crowd apparently the dad marched in the span when he was the -- -- and -- little guy doing -- -- -- -- and I don't. And the little guy so well spoken that I love performing in front of a lot of people it's really exciting -- five's. -- was really -- when he thought. -- can't -- viral on the video because he happens to look like dear leader from North Korea Kim Jong-un. And he's dressed up and he goes public he's made commercials he's got a lot of play -- this check Matty says the key. It's just look angry all the time. I think he needs to gain weight of a pretty good all the while adult.

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{"id":20884906,"title":"A News Anchor Drops the F-Bomb","duration":"2:54","description":"Lauren Podell, a reporter at WDIV in Detroit, didn't realize her mic was on when she cursed.","url":"/WNN/video/news-anchor-drops-bomb-20884906","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}