Night Of Too Many Funny Stars

The stars were out for Comedy Central's "Night Of Too Many Stars," an event to raise money to help kids with autism.
4:04 | 03/09/15

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Transcript for Night Of Too Many Funny Stars
Yeah. Hey leading us out last night the night of too many stars on Comedy Central the stars were certainly out led by the country's top. Comedians and comedic actors list. Are studded bold bank did their part taking pledges to benefit autism program put it with the onstage antics. It ended up being the night's biggest moments I'll ride to step up calling upon audience members. Soon I didn't hill of various things they. Got to get in the do you got slapped. Hot time of the year. But it wasn't until joke from queens called they'd ever cue from. You'd queue it. Kill it kill you feel it's pulling that instigated. In the. You drop it by your mouth. It took home run. Okay. Oh no. Yeah. All I. Didn't think they were deployed throughput that. If you you don't do they just the greatest night. Of his life he loved it I thought it was horrified by this thing but this the Neitzel and I give up believe they did at the other big moment of the night was going to be upset. A talented young woman on his end with the I felt reminder. The night was all about singing the Oda. So beloved parity with weird Al along with the mother remarkable young. Right next up the keys from the purple want you have tickets going on still. Today for princes may fourteenth concert kicking off his hit and run American tore box he is not. Same way there. The concert going to be read you know it wouldn't somewhere in Louisville, Kentucky but the venue hasn't yet been announced its do go on sale later this morning. Room I've nation he's always a little different here at the player for the flamboyant he's apparently pattern in. This year's American tour at the last few British tour with six weeded out of every minute. Both third the content days all right tell you west unveiling his. Much anticipated fashion line last month at New York's Fashion Week in his collection. Collaboration with Adidas originals got a lot of attention for its rather unique look I suppose we'll in the lecture at Oxford last week. Did I just read that right kinda game would get a lecture at Oxford last week he addressed the high prices of fashion say clothing should be like food. But a leak revealing the prices of its closed out exactly echoed that same sentiment heist comedy is reporting that that the official price for tiny eight knitwear like this weather is expected to range from. 880 dollars to 16100. Dollars what and that cold spring when. But if that's up a little too pricey for you you could go for a living in sweat shirt that's around 430 dollars. Quote the source bags like the ones you're seeing there you Braintree where from 500 to 880 bucks. The suit there that's a full body penny whole thing in the jiggy that little thing. Hi yeah it that would Obama just gonna go before but maybe kills and compares it to the price that some people actually. Putting out for this you know what that is that the bag left there. Bagram air from one of Kong needs concerts. It is being sold for sixty. Grain and Joseph grace period there from a concert just to breathe the same fares Kanye very expensive. While some fans of the show full house could have grabbed a shot of a lifetime but warning would recognize a mystery man they. What outside San Francisco hall made famous by the sitcom the eighty's and ninety's but look cool so the fact that the man in blue act. It's full house Star Jones came almost a could show you saw what is he doing them. But he was he was he just hanging out these the taking a picture. It outside the cheers bar you get out of you get to be and where and the surrounding Ted Danson by the wave what wrecked by. What we did and that would we're Tim Lincecum never that was hanging out. What you think everybody knows your name.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"The stars were out for Comedy Central's \"Night Of Too Many Stars,\" an event to raise money to help kids with autism. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29493548","title":"Night Of Too Many Funny Stars","url":"/WNN/video/night-funny-stars-29493548"}