Tennis Star Bonds With Ball Boy

During a rain delay, the tennis player treats a ball boy to a dry seat and a drink.
2:54 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for Tennis Star Bonds With Ball Boy
Welcome to the knicks are still trying to enjoy these enormous burgers or having a -- -- we've given up analogous to -- entering the contest -- are right let's get started with the -- we're starting with a really endearing story. About tennis player Novak -- Known for being really hard core on the court are so this happened just the other day. It was a ball boy that was on the court in his usual he was doing -- staying getting in water they see the video moving in you know an umbrella over him. Back sat next to much of the surprise of the Qaeda and to those that wonderment of the entire crowd there were so excited and just take a look at what's happening here he and the racket and he -- no second holding the umbrella or the ball boy you've never seen a candidate he gets better. -- intensive mentoring. He says -- get out. Did you come. And that's the guy opens it up they both opened up the drink. Clink -- why not this is probably the ball boys the jury never thinking is it -- and one half after they have this nice little moment they're gonna see -- and a phenomenon that -- Get back to work take your kids -- later have a nice life whenever I see you again I hope I made some kind of impression shake your hand me back Tennessee back. -- it -- you even imagine insurance you know I -- Level. That's especially -- you really happy for Baghdad aren't good how small is too small town small would you live that is. To -- to here's from the Daily Mail this is a tiny house 96. Square feet of space talk about small my favorite feature -- also. Well Larry you take a look at the bedroom unit is right next to the bathroom for the -- it's important that point here you can swap out your composting toilet finally. Flushing toilet if he so desires of the others that is it because of -- kitchen. This is the kitchen it does look like you can plug in and have a little bit of running water but the best part. We have this picture is it has -- -- the -- folds out from the ceilings. Outside you can vegetable. Hanging out pretty sweet I'll get couldn't -- there that I'm right now than I've seen a lot there is there it is on preliminary varies from nightly news you have to be determined to -- Smart to let them something bad smaller than most bedrooms and 3 o'clock a local home. -- living on this now out of a cat playing -- -- that's why you need to know take a look at the -- various. He's not really know they don't have -- comes so he's not really pulling on the Genevieve did but he's. Swapping Adam -- doing really good job he'd -- -- yeah. -- -- his opponents a run for the money this is still standing up pretty incredible and devastating Kaplan. I -- -- Italian I just gonna say I simply didn't have quite a bit when I was younger and I never got that far from. Why are all -- are you a technical problem and I'll help. Again -- player in this country I can't act is pretty good back in the day railroad content playing Medina -- -- there. -- -- At 101000 years.

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{"id":23892805,"title":"Tennis Star Bonds With Ball Boy","duration":"2:54","description":"During a rain delay, the tennis player treats a ball boy to a dry seat and a drink.","url":"/WNN/video/novak-djokovic-bonds-ball-boy-23892805","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}