Obama Wraps Up Vietnam Trip

President Obama connects with Vietnamese youth at a town hall meeting and listens to one young woman rap while he beat-boxed.
2:10 | 05/25/16

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Transcript for Obama Wraps Up Vietnam Trip
And present a bomb is wrapping up his three day visit to Vietnam with a town hall style meeting in Ho Chi Minh City. With future leaders of the country ABC's outlet signed his traveling with the president and just filed this report. I did it. By the united states of the marriage Barack Obama. President Obama received a books don't broke. Ocean City. Below that residents understated you're so handsome home. Okay. The presidents and his final day in Vietnam with young leaders. Appealed to this question about his era want to use when he does not so much smoking when it says that you know based right now. I've auto and Latin make view from that guy. B common guy who you know care about a society you know you never know exactly why. Something inside you. Clicks and you decide. To take a different press the president even asking this young musician to wrap for cancer as well once you're below route with street. Did it like a little bit. Mill might that might not say it's been a crazy day you must again had the not so much damn joke but life. His stop here caps off the three day trip to Vietnam where the president ended a decades long the lethal arms embargo. The decision came as China is increasingly asserting its claims in the South China Sea an op Ed in China's Communist Party newspaper warned. The president's decision could quote risk turning the region into a tender box of conflict. Secretary of state John Kerry insisted the move had nothing to do with China. Not about China. We didn't hear or are doing here is focused on China. What I'm saying China is grounded its planes from someone saying resolve it peacefully resolve it through the rules to restructure. President Obama is now his weight in Japan where tomorrow he'll meet with world leaders at the G-7 summit. On Friday he makes at historic stock at Hiroshima becoming the first American president to visit the city for the US dropped an atomic bomb during World War II. Diane in Kansas.

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{"id":39359742,"title":"Obama Wraps Up Vietnam Trip ","duration":"2:10","description":"President Obama connects with Vietnamese youth at a town hall meeting and listens to one young woman rap while he beat-boxed.","url":"/WNN/video/obama-wraps-vietnam-trip-39359742","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}