Olympic Champ Wins the Mirror Ball Trophy

Meryl Davis is the winner of season 18 of "Dancing With the Stars."
3:34 | 05/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Champ Wins the Mirror Ball Trophy
Say we start getting. With the winners of that coveted mirror ball trophy on dancing with the -- this is one of the most competitive seasons in the shows eighteen -- the stretching back nine years. The intensity showed again last night when the finalists performed their fusion dances. Elian got high marks one couple had to win and it was -- -- Meryl Davis and bad boy Max -- work koskie. It seems quiet insignificant in grand scheme of things -- it's been my life. Plus almost ten years you know I've done a lot of things -- said a lot of the you know this -- this season to. -- you know that I was supposed to start with. And and and and do forward you know. Like you said -- mistakes I'll take but there -- mistakes and. Civil and 28 hurt in very hot team second Derek tweeting how -- he was of AG and Merrill. A lot of -- reaction on Twitter to Maryland -- big win especially about their possibly budding romance. The viewer named Danielle says their chemistry is off the charts -- -- -- to -- and I -- -- New England there. Man huddled -- -- the arrival Maryland Macs are flying through the night with the other finalist here in New York for special after parting on Good Morning America it's fun. -- moving on to this now shocking revelation from magic Mike star Channing Tatum are opening up about his personal life. -- is on the latest cover of -- admits he drinks too much he tells the magazine that he is probably a high functioning alcoholic but the 34 year old new dad said. Having a baby has helped them to cut back. Tatum blames his drinking -- a tendency to escape and just wanting to have a good time he says he's not going to drink for four months while filming the sequel to -- -- -- All right the diplomas have been handed out the speeches made and then there was a surprise that a New Orleans high school graduation Oscar winner -- stress. There she is Sandra Bullock stepped up to the podium -- advice for the students to go and find their joy. Don't worry so it was okay. -- didn't noting that in -- headaches and fund adopted -- -- didn't chapter high school after it was badly damaged during Hurricane Katrina eight years ago she. Has provided scholarships for some graduates -- for abandon bloody equipment and even -- -- school health clinic. And now some advice for the -- how appropriate -- good for her. All right moving on we -- -- divorce is often unpleasant and is expensive but the sun is on the. Whole yes it is Russian billionaire Dmitry rival love -- as an awful has all been ordered to pay -- ex wife. About half of his net worth that's about four and a half. Billion dollars of assets -- you imagine challenge paying me I -- Also included in the ruling -- valuable antiques several properties not to mention custody of the couple's young daughter. Now the billionaire's attorney expects that the money amounts. To be river rather -- hoping that the money will be reduced in an appeal from -- have billions in May be too tell Billy I'll take. I can't let onto Elliott I can either but that back at a that's just crazy that is -- high -- -- I'd imagine wow. At the jackpot yeah that's like getting ignored by getting divorced and about backward.

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{"id":23807501,"title":"Olympic Champ Wins the Mirror Ball Trophy","duration":"3:34","description":"Meryl Davis is the winner of season 18 of \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/olympic-champ-wins-mirror-ball-trophy-23807501","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}