Oscars party ideas

Check out these fried Brussel sprouts, a perfect cheese board, cheesy popcorn and drinks from the creator and host of YouTube's "Not Another Cooking Show."
4:06 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for Oscars party ideas
It's Friday and that leads Oscar weekend is finally here what of the biggest challenges for the Oscar party post. Being held in the kitchen during the main event to the story see Lucas auto creator and host of YouTube's not another cooking show. Here to show us how to put together the ultimate Oscar spread Stephen good morning you've got four amazing snack. For us thank you so much for having me when my first stream jobs as a director so now have this cooking show on direct people but I direct food and make videos and I'm happy to be here talking about Oscar fruits of the cheese platter is perfect because. As a little bit everything you've got four cheeses here I've got a nice aged cheddar. When you have been aged cheese and diesel crystals inside them make a really delicious I got some might Hudson Valley came in their cheese here which is a creamy cheese and their three year aged good achieves and Humboldt fog as well and also got some extra like the these because we have candy because and the way that I liked kind of put it together is in the sort of abstract way bigger Regis kind of take a handful. Of some naturally kind of just job come here. A little bit beef jerky kind of create this pretty little platter here taking a cheese board to a whole other level tell about these Brussels sprouts critics at a Brussels sprouts and it's healthier it. Did you called healthy that the most important thing is that they're delicious so basically we just can't cut them in half through mid deep Fryer little cooler than and that you're Fries French Fries and get them to with a nice and brown and crispy like this there live based simply just season them with assault. How they also around here and in a little bit of a gaga and which is a nice sweet salty kind of element. And then you can put him in these little popcorn buckets. A perfect way to serve them. Well fitting pretty Oscars bidding for the Oscars everybody can sort of have their own death and these snacks are just sort of delicious gonna have what you have and I bet right responses are really had just not that popcorn now we have popcorn and you can get about bag of popcorn they get cheesy she's popcorn all these different flavors. We're gonna make our and we sort of just poppies and a Dutch oven with regular popcorn kernels pullover olive oil and told it popped. And I just have some melted butter here bernese as melted butter sort of as a gloom route three just poured in there. And we take some parmesan cheese. And we just greet a whole bunch of parmesan cheese in there. That's going to be that kind of cheesy element that you are so to get in the bag popcorn. From Bonita sort of mix it up. Then there their hands get it all melted out some voters gonna help that she's sort of adhere to it than just like the Brussels sprouts. We'll pour it into your little popcorn bucket. And they go you have to breathe let it homemade. Popcorn that can parmesan and then the drinks right back prefer a dirty martini I don't like get a strong kind of want a little bit at olive juice Brian and there. So we're just go ahead and an hour's gonna make a little stocks fell. A martini is basically jest. Some vodka and I prefer tears those tutors and they since moved. We're just the start with four ounces of that program it also requires a little bit of removed there's gonna go two rounds of that and then finally a little bit of del Bryant otherwise you're just drinking straight alcohol and some people like that I can face and you may not object yeah. But you know are trying to like get a little bit white trash. Sheikh. Good shakes like that if you like to get a little insane. Him or tool that easy. That easy. And I'm gong Ramon for you over here there that's TV safe keep you safe course yeah. Cool cheaters think they are you got a great you'll see hardy you don't have to work too hard and everybody should really enjoy it easy enough awesome for these and other great ideas you invented Stephens YouTube channel called. Not another cooking show or head to our website WNN fans dot com. Stephen reconcile thank you for joining us and of course catch the Oscars right here on ABC Sunday night.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Check out these fried Brussel sprouts, a perfect cheese board, cheesy popcorn and drinks from the creator and host of YouTube's \"Not Another Cooking Show.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61236542","title":"Oscars party ideas","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-party-ideas-61236542"}