Pat Sajak Loses His Cool on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Longtime host of the popular game show had a strong reaction to one contestant's puzzle guess.
3:36 | 11/12/14

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Transcript for Pat Sajak Loses His Cool on 'Wheel of Fortune'
Leaving is not a rare moment from wheel of fortune host pat say Jack after thirty plus years. A contestants they ills and slobs. He has finally happened. So we've seen a lot but does this got tomb here best friends week doing this out in Hawaii right now one contesting yelled out. And answer one assault the polls leasing it up there. There's only one letter. And they want to solve the puzzle. And his response was that's amazing and it's wrong. Soul of the guests was riding a brown horse so let's see what happens when the next contestant gets. My life. Okay. Maybe they have yeah. But all we want this act. He said he was moving equipment where a horse come from anyway seeing a buddy movie that's what the correct answer wounds. When Furyk and actually had nothing to disperse. Don't don't want them from molesting a buddy movie. Is he said. We'll Nextel allow my big fat Greek wedding hello Golden Globe GAAP twelve years that we finally getting a sequel after twelve. Paid big big sequel. I don't really had us in stitches right back in 2002 now Entertainment Weekly confirming that music pictures will distribute a sequel to my big fat Greek wedding. And you're going to see some of the same stars then it the lead character in her husband their both going to be back. Can't wait them out you van. I was given by and they were fabulous and I am very excited my people excited for the seat bullet. What for years writing the sequels plays and says a sequel will focus on. But sadly reuniting for another wedding and the revelation about family secrets balance of payments is not sustained to want. We'll beautiful twelve years. She makes good movies just yet but it. Let's have a slipped has every what is still shaking it off and with the release of her new music video for the song blank space just keep everyone entertained like at first single she's showing her many different styles look. So so much new shots of horror that. Sure he still has some side the horror we have yet to see here is to us with on the cover of in the fashion magazine. Wonderland with decidedly different look. And how about the shot. If only Taylor could make the country western get up and mullet hairstyle actually looked good yeah both shots showing how great she looks with. Even just how bad the makeup no right speaking of different looks. Oh let's turn to friends now. He's been around long time but here's another set of him something that we. Never seen before he may be the last remaining contemporary celebrity who's never taken a stealthy. Until now. This is prince taking his first stop it with an old school and can't a look at. Look at this thing this grand stashed in his publicist saying that use the old camera because he doesn't own a cell phone. And says we banned their use it anywhere around us because we're alerted to lithium. And everybody else he. It's. Incredibly well time now for celebrity birthdays let's see who celebrate their big day. But there is forecast Al Michaels sort W go for the rock and roll icon Neil Young turns 69. Ryan Gosling an actor turned thirty sports Academy Award winning actress and former co host. And Hathaway. Turns 32 a big happy birthday happy plan.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Longtime host of the popular game show had a strong reaction to one contestant's puzzle guess.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26853479","title":"Pat Sajak Loses His Cool on 'Wheel of Fortune'","url":"/WNN/video/pat-sajak-loses-cool-on-wheel-of-fortune-26853479"}