Paula Faris Bids Farewell to World News Now

The WNN crew celebrates Paula Faris as she leaves the program.
2:56 | 01/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paula Faris Bids Farewell to World News Now
Yeah I'm away from -- plastic they -- good idea it is fitting that this is the name we think about it our friend and colleague -- -- just hours after celebrating as Stewart national event we send all all for the tradition. All our very owns a ladies and gentlemen the newest member. The world news now Paul. And you have been -- for years have seen so many of these faces go live weather net. Credible on -- laughter hopefully apple will show they. About it show. Tell businesses involved wonderful things in and out of Michelle and of course the most recent years Jeremy -- -- I was -- about the -- one years old hat now. Yeah. You are yeah that's the end of the year is the year you joined so that's that's how they do the hall of fame and the. -- Exit itself. Yes and so -- that we have some -- as you can tell we live here it's like that you know you love food on the -- -- we do have a gift. As well we collectors I don't know what this isn't what you dig in and didn't -- city picket outside Cape Canaveral on what might have gotten to get I had that Seattle's that eventually open. Now let's just wait for the commercial free. The cost than other traditional gift OK I would after the -- get really emotional. -- -- -- -- Our anchor bar should face into the camera gets this is not paying your world who have nothing apple he's on the Granite -- all the graphics and -- that -- on the -- I love how old scrapbook some these when he remembered from all the fun that we -- is so isn't. You want her follow exactly so we have thirty seconds left -- you wanna say this that I just want -- -- today I am. Ground and I have been stretched do you have -- -- about a journalist you may be a better person I mean we I felt like we connected right away and we can't. We're gonna have a connection Morgan have a connection the end of viewers -- forever not going in Iraq I think all of you guys and I'll let. Folks that are -- control -- that are pushing buttons right now. Think you guys -- -- I have loved this experience. This is Ben what are the best chapters in my life and I'm looking forward to the next chapter but the winds really my memory that I. Thank you also really -- this -- the last moment it's over we'll be around some wheat toast to success.

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{"id":18282407,"title":"Paula Faris Bids Farewell to World News Now","duration":"2:56","description":"The WNN crew celebrates Paula Faris as she leaves the program.","url":"/WNN/video/paula-faris-bids-farewell-world-news-now-18282407","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}