Paula's Parental Picks

ABC News' Paula Faris shows off some must-have items for kids.
3:00 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for Paula's Parental Picks
Welcome back to world news now -- line and another installment of parents to extend the theme is holiday traveling can be so stressful for kids and parents. And I -- to give you a couple of products many recommended by you the viewers -- thank you for sending those Antony. These products hopefully will help make travel enjoyable for both parent and child. Alike OK so your -- -- suitcase right chunky by Melissa and Doug -- -- this case right you see that. -- it's not just a suitcase out. It's also a mode of transportation because you see the wheels on the bottom on -- The child can see it right here and scooped all the way through the airport. Or off to grandma's house where they go out and also has this little -- -- you can pull them to accident can't process. -- they can pull that if they want to as well and Reggie about forty bucks but a great great investment. Travel what would it be without kids and ipads playing games reading books well you don't want them to destroy him. I've learned the hard way 250 dollars later after broken screen we finally got a really really nice protective case. This is super cell by an edge you can get -- not even as cheap as maybe 25 bucks will what I love about this. Great colors as you can see very colorful but it also grips really well my little daughter actually commented that. Money it's actually easy for me to hold she is playing one of her myriad of games and while I definitely wasn't ignoring her about that process but. And he wasn't it a little bit more durable something that could potentially survived. A nuclear bomb literally then you're gonna wanna go for the defender to look more expensive by otter box that you can see it has this outside case straight here. You can pop -- off. And it also has the stand this converts into a stand -- here. You see that moves could even when -- -- your iPad and -- he still had this clear case and it has a three layer protection as well still room. For the camera so -- little -- -- -- Bob this is an airplane safety -- by cares. Super easy -- get confused -- intimidated by the straps you literally take the red strapped put it right over the seat and then the buckles right here. The black little buckles and I haven't had the heart to tell rob that it's only for kids 44 pounds. And under spending when a break his heart but we'll see if maybe they can make an adult versions of the -- that same that was going to be -- And this tiny cable -- by bambino as its new on the market let's say you -- -- transition your child from the traditional high chair to the table. Super easy look at this is just got a little clip. You open the -- like that. -- right onto the table all they can eat they can make a massive and then their government they wanna play at the table you just lift off this -- little ahead. And it converts into pretty time and you can but -- crayons there and it's also wonderful if you're traveling -- your visiting family and let's say they don't have a high chair. Well this. Is the ticket. You go to -- -- God knows they wipe down those tables. That are they're really sanitary. I don't think table toppers by neat solutions he saves me it's just a little piece of plastic. But. You can remove. You like -- -- the fact. Not all four sides and then you stick it down to the table. It doesn't move the food isn't slide everywhere -- the kids can have good times and then when your dimes fresh enough tables. Certain. Trash. I like that -- disposal thanks. And finally. And this installment of parents exits the travel high chair. Once again look at this clock comes in a small little -- so you can. Put it right into your purse. But what -- -- day again don't you don't get intimidated by LB straps is actually pretty easy slide it read over the chair. And there's a five point harness that really really sick here's your child and to the high chair. The high cherish and say they don't have to worry about taking your high chair -- where -- Diego I hope that some of these products helped you -- hope that -- -- travelling process. A little easier he's gotten -- -- can be so stressed for which children. I wish you very happy holiday season he travels -- to you and yours and if you have any feedback that she left to share with me. I would really like to hear about it you can just shoot me at tweet that act -- -- -- Twitter.

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{"id":17775691,"title":"Paula's Parental Picks ","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Paula Faris shows off some must-have items for kids.","url":"/WNN/video/paulas-parental-picks-17775691","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}