Plane Makes Emergency Landing to Get Rid of Singer

A woman on a cross-country flight wouldn't stop singing Whitney Houston songs.
2:55 | 05/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Plane Makes Emergency Landing to Get Rid of Singer
-- tap the next airplanes domestic flight from New York California blonde six hours. You worried about the crying baby has now. Imagine this. Passenger. Treated travelers to the Whitney Houston rendition -- I'll always love. This went on that talent well almost they had to make a stop in Kansas at number eleven Democrat in the planning. They wouldn't she would not stop -- her solo performance for game. The book and make an emergency landing Kansas City. And -- -- escorted off the plane's video. Okay. I don't really think if she actually. Anyway. To make out landing the woman was interviewed. Hello I'm running back. Airplanes and people acting crazy now. I didn't like -- altitude something you can your brain your interests get clogging your brain shifts you don't know what had. Plumbing and this is good news for you because you have marketing -- apparently some -- by his. The duke university in North Carolina found that the deeper man's voice is the more money he makes the larger the company that he runs and -- -- stay if that is what happened and they expect. Why you don't want the carrier making -- ton -- money. And -- Anyway they studied at 792. Male executives for American companies and they found -- -- -- -- -- core inflation between. The -- tabloids and how much money they get really he added that the images they stopped. And then -- British researchers also found some interesting is that when it comes to and voices. The most desirable male voice for British women is deep rumbling and -- -- -- -- that indicates a blend of masculinity strength than a hint of tenderness I guess of the body part one on the other hand. -- a little more on the. The -- it's just how confirmed British -- to be attracted to another. Drink we will smoke cigarettes and never make lots of money -- My classes today about the so -- the -- -- I -- I think you'll ever have this. Story about a elevator and so you -- amid alligators apparently can have like 2000 teeth in the lifetime. -- 56. A T plus it. The researchers are trying to figure out the secret they want to figure out what's up -- the alligators that we can replicate this and have more than two sets TV and you. I like that idea is that you get have a you know -- canals and and you get a mouthful of. Glad that I'm a scientist but -- reptiles where mammals -- where it's ever gonna mean.

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{"id":19173977,"title":"Plane Makes Emergency Landing to Get Rid of Singer","duration":"2:55","description":"A woman on a cross-country flight wouldn't stop singing Whitney Houston songs.","url":"/WNN/video/plane-makes-emergency-landing-rid-singer-19173977","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}