Politicians Read 'Mean Tweets' Aimed At Them

Politicians read mean tweets about them, some of which are profane.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for Politicians Read 'Mean Tweets' Aimed At Them
Picks up -- does a funny woman got a portrait stuff yes Jimmy -- fourth installment of celebrities -- mean tweets have ever seen from I love that really good stuff and this is the first time he's ever had politicians really mean streets about themselves. Pretty awesome -- okay. Paul Ryan has -- pretty -- us. Sometimes it's easy to forget -- Satan incarnate. Hey -- and I can't decide whether your stupid or willfully deceitful can help me out. -- -- -- when was the last time. It's important to take diminishing later. I was out. -- purple is that you. Played for the 49ers we and his quarterback they're seeing and seeing. You really -- -- -- I think my -- were by the way and it was inspired by -- heavily inspired -- to be clearer DC company that's what. Good stuff good stuff I can't believe they went along absolutely. The last one yes I don't issue vin makes me video that's been coming to me the chills though during a performance of Peter Pan in Scotland. The music stops and Peter Pan goes up to -- from -- and we'll show you what happens then. You are the -- about want to spend my life with and therefore. I want to us. -- She had no idea that he was announced arsenal is he's really surprised. Any try to keep it quiet didn't tell a lot of people just a few production folks -- they -- to stop the music in Iraq the -- -- they could have this special moments while there to carry on. The that I now -- this one -- the so maybe can top that the new films coming out it's called devils do it involves this demonic little baby and the PR company is promoting it and they decided to put a baby carriage in New York City on the street. That a special kind of robotic baby and it's your pants off on spec. Kind of thing that would. Three Diana whereas out she's -- the Dolly -- -- horror movies and involves a kind of dating your dog. My goodness. --

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{"id":21538621,"title":"Politicians Read 'Mean Tweets' Aimed At Them","duration":"3:00","description":"Politicians read mean tweets about them, some of which are profane.","url":"/WNN/video/politicians-read-tweets-aimed-21538621","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}