Popular Halloween Costumes In 2015

Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht recruits some lucky trick-or-treaters to show off the hottest Halloween costumes.
5:06 | 10/27/15

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Transcript for Popular Halloween Costumes In 2015
Bell in case you couldn't now. It's time to celebrate Halloween. Good woody I would hate your a little behind your play. Don't worry there's still time to get your little cools and goblins this season and the hottest costumes and you're helpless as always our. Fabulous toy insider aren't they lived in during the kids. He'll and I love how you is look Whitney and yet somehow got movies any coming at just 2017 and what he's better than this holiday when he's got to dress sat at their favorite poster that went for more their favorite character from the movie TV show at Eden video game down. So let's start by bringing up some of our favorites but she's the customs that are going to be so this you have. So look we have good. We'll start with plot patrol we are on the I always love what took him a little closer to me you guys. So this is a great little. Chased past still come to the hope passed in the half. We even have a backpack turnaround ticket to your backpack or nine. That is said she is ready to go on and Michigan. We parents she is. And we all love you can't there's right now we're looking at our cheer bear says she is bringing cheer all over this passing this adorable as some comes with a long dress. And had been an even has the little bear years up to about and it is shocking and hit the hot. Flexible for girls right now who know how the girls can be one of their daily. Isn't actually think series one and it's strawberry yes and it comes at the dress and a forced the head and how beautiful night those are deliberate bury its executive thank you very proud to be wearing them they he and art so it I have no. You know it used to if rusty owner it. I have to tell you it's all about Paula. So we will not a lot of of the race past him it comes to the actual that that tap that snow live sort of pressed ahead here when they love. If look how nice and warm and cozy that is up at school have been afterward jacket. Good idea and this November we are so excited because Charlie ban sniping in the hope peanuts gang will be in the movie then he we have our wonderful girls and you see and you got him thinking be a grownup or a child had failed that we look at how great you look. Say immediately clear he stopped himself. That prevent that is like television appearance to the continental had a belly but not certain here. Lot you may. Tiger is that Serbs who remains in. Send him sometimes it's really good to be eve well known though for our skies grander fans this is KS come only a little closer. Took chances every single one of the video games KS comes with a cave and the school math. This is our Dylan. And it went teenage mutant ninja turtles is only now popular than last an analyst at leader is now it still lots doubted tell so it comes with a costume and then man. So we're really really cool and it was hit can be anyone of their favorite heroes in Hampshire out here like the little finger holding yes so that they she's got a toy and we have our weapon yet though lesser extent those don't believe that Africa that are cool guys thank you. Aaron. I don't. Do great parents staff right so halo with a video game. He appealed to boys that are younger sibling love to dress up like that master chief is here to Steve the war are out and amazed by the trend and a lot of video games are now a lot of video gallantly custom characters now. That best super heroes are. I think girls that we yeah. We have our one look like those winder the case that I'm sure that guns that I. Under the Grassley have a removable cape and it's great head band. Of course we have back man next year witnessing battening and verses Superman's a look at that this is a great head have to comes with a cake and of course the headgear but now beating heart at the Belmont they're definitely answer. Thank piano. And finally the big excitement this year say they are lets out. Stalwart everyone is going start voice crazy we have our Jack knife fight air and our classic favorite deli villain Darth Vader. Content they look awesome dog day parade and I'm actually way so this is one of the new carriages that you'll see in Star Wars that that are coming out in December exactly snow yes and that's awesome. And if everyone would come out right what a group we had everything you know everyone's ideas. What I know how you guys on obsolete. That attempt to calm didn't come on over come on number and waved the Buccaneers do your homework better. I can't wait next adding Africana and nice things you know much and we want to also thank our fantastic. Toy insider mom Laurie you always have the best of the bat state yet or exact of course fantastic models as well kids thank you guys so much and of course for more information head to our FaceBook page at WNN bands that come. Through to keep this on for the rest of the show. There right news now.

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{"id":34757252,"title":"Popular Halloween Costumes In 2015","duration":"5:06","description":"Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht recruits some lucky trick-or-treaters to show off the hottest Halloween costumes.","url":"/WNN/video/popular-halloween-costumes-2015-34757252","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}