Previewing the Golden Globes

With the awards ceremony only days away, ABC's Will Ganss gives us a sneak peak at what to expect on Hollywood's golden night.
2:52 | 01/04/19

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Transcript for Previewing the Golden Globes
Then yeah. A lot of not that I. I think yeah. I don't know I barely got that let's start boards heavily favored to win at this weekend's Golden Globes and the one and only. He's joins us now with a preview the warning will I make still welcome to be able to do this while got guys playing in the neck got out of the moment. I like have a karaoke yes had taken duet but now I want I think my wallet there every look detained. Are really knows that the Golden Globes are the first big predictor for what's to come at the Oscars. So if this coming Sunday night is any indication it's looking like this award season is going going. Guy got. At. As we gear up for Hollywood's golden night it looks like Lady Gaga could be sent to have a picture perfect evening. The pop star is heavily favored to pick up a win for her role in the stars born. But she's not the only one on the edge of glory. Her costar Bradley Cooper who also directed the film. Is the favorite for best actor and the film itself leads a competitive pack of dramas for the best picture and I. On the comedy side of things vice scored more nominations than any other film this season. And it's leading actor Christian Bale. We'll likely Napa globe for making the incredible transformation and to former Vice President Dick Cheney packing on at least forty pounds to play the part. As a reminder this is hand on the set of the Dark Knight rises. And this is him in vice. That is committed anti aircraft. And probably your Kraft Mac and cheese anyway. His vice costar Amy Adams faces some stiff competition in the supporting actress category with two other A Lister is making bang this award season. I began. Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone are nominated against each other for their roles and a favorite. Which may leave that category wide open if they split votes. The stars' best motion picture comedy that one is too close to call the favorite may live up to its name with many citing it as this year's comedy to be thinking. While others think eagle mortenson and rehearsal all these green book will come up golden on Sunday night and or if it did have missed all ten a spoonful of sugar are enough to sway the Hollywood foreign press well. We may see something like this at the Golden Globes. The one. They. Paul good. That feel that I loved Mary Poppins and Poland for it. Spoonful a civilian who cannot listen movies I want to see its homework assignment over the weekend I daddy go.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"With the awards ceremony only days away, ABC's Will Ganss gives us a sneak peak at what to expect on Hollywood's golden night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"60158575","title":"Previewing the Golden Globes","url":"/WNN/video/previewing-golden-globes-60158575"}