Remembering Joe Cocker

The loss of rock legend Joe Cocker hit fans hard.
4:01 | 12/23/14

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Transcript for Remembering Joe Cocker
Tonight we begin loss local rock and roll legend Joseph Cochran. Well yesterday after a battle with cancer hitting so many fans Barton. So his double musicians. Known for his powerful voice from that legendary Woodstock performance he doesn't target your heart strings with this song that color cover Billy Preston's you are so beautiful. So bourses where there's little robbers took social media to express their grief. And respect for congress to walk saying hey don't listen to do proper records you sing along with them thanks for the great music and friction. Erica Steven Tyler saying he loved you for ever and we'll miss you always Beatles don't Ringo Starr saying goodbye from one of his friends. Peace and looked. Well peace and love in scarce supply when it comes to Maria Shriver and her son's girlfriend Miley Cyrus and Cyrus can be seen on instant Graham jets have to spend ten a little helpers. Vote no to be provocative not necessarily a can be very. She OK what her relationship to Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger his son. Has been making heads turn these past few months whether whirlwind romance will according to the examiner now mob Maria Shriver. Apparently bay and Miley Cyrus from Christmas celebrations with a family that cheered but the son Patrick. He's white boys out. Spread it news reports that the 21 year old Schwarzenegger saying he will not be coming on a family trip unless smiley is invite it isn't tough one. What was going to some. She had its so a little more attempting. That make them more Tipton. I am liking it's like that tab will be leaving that you can't you want at my house. Miley sang one of my live shows up with a fairly true Wear that outfit. This true and Miley just telling them that would be proud our Christmas and her Villa here. (%expletive) Her and work. They love the board issue today with Jews and crappy rapper who read the correct me happy he. Rapper biggie donors have a definitive role in a war words. With similarly named musicians. Azalea days now the former Brasilia has been criticized north. Five days before being silent on the black issues it was not a fan of the Grammy nominations he's received follow that. I think eighty decided to fight back and her response caught the eye of the international hacking group known as anonymous and this is where the plot thickens anonymous. Uttered by that response threaten azalea his real name is and the system million Kelly. The threat was to lead snapshots of a supposed sex tape featuring star. OK if you're still with us which I've got lost about a paragraph again reacted to that threat now Twitter has decided listen to this to shut the don't be a battle with account citing their harassment. Policy so they're leaking to the whole story Twitter is actually shut down on account of anonymous which. Has been out there and they don't for the loving quite frankly has shut it down because of threats they've made two unions. But I doubt it. Enough about that beat it though it's easy to get back to some low. It says love like gingerbread houses. And with Martha Stewart and gingerbread houses. Going to be spent. I think Miller that we Democrats unveiled their latest masterpiece abandonment it showed Downton Abbey. We'll plenty love Stewart and her team in the Martha Stewart Living kitchen used. Okay Garrity 66 cups of flour 22 -- eleven cups of molasses in the partridge in the pear tree to create a replica of the escape from the show. Head six about terrible windows friendly dog stay. Garbage you read every article it's always school what it's doing with it is liberty birthdays shall we had a big day for the walls didn't voice. Spinal Tap the birth Harry Shearer turning 71 retired four star general and former presidential candidate Wesley Clark turned seven days the queen of the soaps. Salute sixtieth and friends got Eddie better. A front Depp turns fifty happy birthday.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"The loss of rock legend Joe Cocker hit fans hard.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27784157","title":"Remembering Joe Cocker","url":"/WNN/video/remembering-joe-cocker-27784157"}